What does Florida stand for in the army?

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Front Line Ambulance. Typically used in reference to the M997 (and other model) ambulatory HMMWVs.
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What is the largest standing army in the world?

By number of armed forces, I believe the order is\n . People's Liberation Army (People's Republic of China)\n . United States armed forces\n . Indian Armed Forces\n . Korean People's Army (North Korea)\n . Armed forces of the Russian Federation A standing army is a full time soldier. This is a person that workd in the military everyday.

Debate over standing army?

Is often centered around the question of power within an armed force and the political will of the less armed and trained population. The overthrow of an existing government by military might has been a constant threat to civilisations around the world.

Where is the oldest standing army?

The oldest standing army is the Portugese army. Serving since 1139. it is often confused with either the Swedish army or Swiss Guard, but neither live op to Portugal.

What are the top ten largest standing armies in the world?

This is from #10 to #1 Number/Country Army personnel:AP 10.Russia AP:321,000 9.Iraq AP:375,000 8.Turkey AP:402,000 7.Vietnam AP:412,000 6.USA AP:477,800 5.Pakistan AP:550,000 4.South Korea AP:560,000 3.North Korea AP:950,000 2.India AP:1,100,000 1.China AP:1,600,000

Second largest standing army in the world?

The second-largest standing military in the world is the United States of America (approx. 1,380,000). no, definetely wrong.----- its INDIA which has the second largest army in the world (1100000) and united state is not even half way... its around (477800). you can check out more at ------- http://www.mapsofworld.com/world-top-ten/world-top-ten-countries-with-largest-armies-map.html yes correct USA is 6th largest army in the world but technology wise it has much better. US has 2nd largest ACTIVE ARMY I

When did Congress approve the first standing Army?

The forerunner of today's Army, the Continental Army was created by the Continental congress to fight against Great Britain on 14 June 1775 under the command of General George Washington. The United States Department of War was established in 1789 to attend to the defenses of the new United States.The DOW formed the Legion of the United States in 1791 by the Executive Order of then President George Washington. It was disbanded in 1796. The DOW became the United States Department of the Army on 18 September 1947. The US Army recognizes 12 June 1775 as the official birth date of the US Army.

What are the 5 largest standing armies in the world?

Numbers represent total active troops: Land, Sea, and Air (additional troops as Reserves and Paramilitary change these numbers dramatically). . People's Republic of China - People's Liberation Army- 2,255,000 . United States of America - US Armed Forces (DOD) - 1,473,900 . India - Indian Armed Forces - 1,325,000 . North Korea - Korean People's Army - 1,106,000 . The Russian Federation - Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - 1,037,000

Is there a US army base in florida?

Only a training post that army soldiers can train on, there is no dedicated army base in florida that army soldeirs can get stationed at. Bummer I know

What do the Letters A D C stand for in the ARMY?

ADC is usually the abbreviation for Assistant Division Commander. Other variations include ADC-M (Assistant Division Commander - Maneuver), ADC-S (Assistant Division Commander - Support), and ADCO (Assistant Division Commander for Operations).

Is the army national guard and the Florida national guard the same?

Each state has a military bureau, which is ultimately responsible for that state's respective National Guard units when they're not under federal activation. The National Guard consists of two services - the Army National Guard (ultimately subordinate to the Army), and the Air National Guard (ultimately subordinate to the Air Force). The Army National Guard is composed of the Army National Guard units of all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico. The Florida National Guard is composed of both Army National Guard and Air National Guard units in Florida.

Where are the Army reserve MP units in Florida?

There are a few reserve MP units in FL. There are MP Battalions in Tallahassee (160th MP BN), Tampa (317th MP BN) and Ft. Myers (724th MP BN). I do not believe that the 160th and 724th have any companies because they are an I/R battalion. The 317th has 3 companies: 351st MP Co (Ocala, FL and Detachment in Jacksonville, FL) 810th MP Co (Tampa, FL and Detachments in Ft. Lauderdale and Ft. Myers) 320th MP Co (St Petersburg) There is also the 418th MP Co in Orlando, FL.

What does the Army SPOT report stand for?

According to Joint Publication 1-02 (JP 1-02) "Department ofDefense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms" as amendedthrough 15 February 2016, a spot report (SPOTREP) is "A concisenarrative report of essential information covering events orconditions that may have an immediate and significant effect oncurrent planning and operations that is afforded the mostexpeditious means of transmission consistent with requisitesecurity. Also called SPOTREP. (Note: In reconnaissance andsurveillance usage, spot report is not to be used.) (JP 3-09.3)" . A spot report is used to quickly update the commander regardingsignificant changes in the situation. JP 1-02 also defines the acronym SPOT as: SynchronizedPredeployment and Operational Tracker. This is NOT the same asSPOTREP (which is defined as "SPOTREP - spot report" in Appendix Aof JP 1-02. Synchronized Predeployment and Operational Tracker is an enterpriseapplication associated with the Joint Asset Movement ManagementSystem (JAMMS) (source: http : // www . acq . osd . mil / log / ps/ . spot . html / JAMMS_Info_Sheet-final.pdf).

What does fire-watch stand for in the army?

In any kind of open bay housing, be it a structure or tent, at least one person will be up at all times (it's typically done in one hour shifts). This is a fire watch. Responsibilities will include keeping a lookout for fires, ensuring security of sensitive items, and responding to any situations which may develop while the remaining personnel are asleep.

What does LIK in the army stands for?

It stands for Lodging in Kind, which is a program that most Army Reserve units offer soldiers who live further than 50 miles from their home of record a place to staying during they're monthly Battle Assemblies.

What does MRI stand for in the US Army?

In the US Army, MRI usually stands for magnetic resonance imaging . That's what it stands for most other places, too. Also, it could be morning room inspection . There are a number of other things MRI stands for, and a list can be found by using the link below. For the meaning of MR E , use the link below.

What does lg stand for after a us army major?

An officer's signature block looks like this: JOHN C. SMITH MAJ, IG Commanding The "IG" is the officer's branch of service, and Major Smith here is in the Inspector General's Corps.

What does the acronym 'RPG' army weapon stand for?

RPG is in english, the intials for Rocket Propelled Grenade , which by coincidence is the same three letters in (transliterated) Russian. In the context of "rocket-propelled grenades", RPG is a transliteration of the Russian РПГ. The essence of these weapons relies on the concept of a shaped charge - an advanced but simple method of focusing the force of a blast. This concept can be traced back to a Charles Munroe in 1888 who can be credited with the discovery. Generally used in anti-tank situations, a very early one was the PIAT, (Projectile Infantry Anti Tank) which was launched from a spring-loaded tube and propelled a turnip-shaped grenade which consisted of a shaped charge and a hardened steel 'candle', which blasted through and spalled off the tank armour. In WWII improvements developed, leading to today's much improved, but still very simple weapons. Strictly speaking RPG is an initialism , not an acronym , for the resulting group of letters are not pronounceable.

What do the US Army ribbons stand for on the dress uniform?

There are many award and decorations represented by various ribbons on an Army uniform. Each award is represented by a specific ribbon. Also, on those ribbons, are other devices that signifiy specific things about the awards. See related links for detailed information about Army awards.

How many people are in the Florida army reserve?

There is no "Florida Army Reserve", although there are Army Reserve units in Florida. The Army Reserve is wholly a federal agency, which the states have no jurisdiction over. The Florida Army National Guard is probably the agency you're thinking of. While no specific number is published, the Florida Army National Guard is estimated to have approximately 12,000 personnel.

What is the stand your ground law in Florida?

Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Law states: A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity, and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony. F.S. §776.013(3)

Why is the standing army important?

It is critical for all countries to have a standing Army. Without an Army the skills and organization need to operate a selfdefence force are lost. With the skills and training available a country can defend itselfand in times of need train additional millitary personel. A country that can not put up a effective cordinated defense willbe in trouble.

Which great power did not have a large standing army in 1914?

The US was not considered a Great Power in 1914, and had a tinyarmy still mostly accustomed to constabulary duty in frontier andcolonial outposts. In Europe, Britain had a very small army, byEuropean standards, only eight divisions, and only six of thosedeployed to France at the start of the war. The Kaiser called theBritish Army a "contemptible little army", which the veterans of'14 adopted as a badge of honor, referring to themselves as "oldcontemptibles". In contrast Germany devoted more than seventydivisions to invading France in 1914.

What is standing armies?

A 'standing army' is the basic army that a country keeps up in time of peace. During wartime this would be aided by reserves and possibly conscripts.

What did the ss army stand for?

SS stands for Schutzstaffel , which is German for "ProtectionStaff". It was originally Nazi Party members who served as AdolfHitler's personal bodyguard. After Hitler took control of Germany,the SS took control of all police, intelligence, and securityagencies. The SS was also largely responsible for carrying out theHolocaust.

What is the worlds smallest standing army?

Apart from a couple of countries that have no army at all - at besta professional Guard of Honor in front of the ruler's palace (likeMonaco) - the country with the smallest 'real' army is St. Kittsand Nevis in the Caribean that has an army 150 soldiers strong.