Who is pete Capone?

Pete Capone is a Excellent Electro Techno DJ - I think he is from Berlin or definetly Berlin. He is very good at mixing and can sometimes be found on Shouted FM on video and r (MORE)

What is PETE?

Pete is a short form of the male given name Peter. PETE is the acronym for P oly e thylene T er e phthalate, the common polymer used to create plastic food jars and plast (MORE)

Who is Pete from the Quarrymen?

Peter Shotton was John Lennon's oldest friend, from his own neighborhood in Woolton, and co-founded the group with Lennon. Shotton played rhythm on a washboard, but did not en (MORE)

Who is Pete Knapp?

Pete Knapp operates Shut Eye Records & Agency in Atlanta, and promotes Americana music to radio stations in the United States and around the world. He's also a professional bo (MORE)
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Who is Pete Koller?

Pete Koller is the guitar player of the band SICK OF IT ALL. BestHardcore band ever