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According to the Related Link: "This phrase and phrases like "for Pete's sake" are euphemisms for the phrases "for the love of God/Christ" or "for God's/Christ's sake" and hail from a time when those phases were considered blasphemous. Nowadays phrases like "for the love of God" are commonly used, but the euphemisms are still used.
Why Pete? Most likely it is a reference to the catholic Saint Peter."
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Origin of for pete's sake?

The saying appeared in Medieval times as a substitute for 'For God's Sake' as it was sacrilegious to take the Lord's name in vain. Precise details are not known.

Where did For Pete's Sake originate?

For Pete's sake' is essentially a mild oath, a euphemism for 'ForGod's sake.' The latter term is considered offensive and Pete isused as a proxy for God, in this case.

Why do we say for pete's sake?

For Pete's sake originated because the original, "for God's sake"  was considered blasphemy. So the name Peter was substituted because  Peter was one of the original discipl

For petes sake mean?

For Pete's sake is a minced oath, instead of saying "for Christ's ( or possibly Pity's) sake."

Why do people say for Pete's sake?

because they dont want to say 'christ' sake.. their 'lords' name...so out of respect they say 'petes' instead...as in St. Peter's