What does For Pete's Sake mean?

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According to the Related Link: "This phrase and phrases like "for Pete's sake" are euphemisms for the phrases "for the love of God/Christ" or "for God's/Christ's sake" and hail from a time when those phases were considered blasphemous. Nowadays phrases like "for the love of God" are commonly used, but the euphemisms are still used.
Why Pete? Most likely it is a reference to the catholic Saint Peter."
Cus its funneh
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Origin of for pete's sake?

The saying appeared in Medieval times as a substitute for 'For God's Sake' as it was sacrilegious to take the Lord's name in vain. Precise details are not known.

Where did For Pete's Sake originate?

For Pete's sake' is essentially a mild oath, a euphemism for 'ForGod's sake.' The latter term is considered offensive and Pete isused as a proxy for God, in this case.

What is the name of Pete's Dragon?

The title character's name is Elliott- though it has often been misspelled in official merchandise.. To explain, the character's name is listed as "Elliott" in the opening credits, while the various books, toys, and other merchandise- even film reviews and on the backs of videos and the like- only (MORE)

What is sake?

Sake is a Japanese rice wine. It has a very crisp flavor and can be served hot or chilled.

What does the phrase 'For the sake of good order' mean?

The meaning must be found in the following sense:. When there is a negotiation, the parties will have to arrange the agenda of what they are going to discuss ( "For the sake of good order" of the negotiation process).. Moreover, there are laws and rules for the sake of good order of our community (MORE)

What does Good Friend for Jesus sake forbear mean?

This is the first line of the inscription on William Shakespeare's grave. It is a curse on anyone who disturbs his bones. The full poem goes something like this: "Good friend for Jesus sake forbear To dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the man that spares these stones And cursed be he that (MORE)

Why do we say for pete's sake?

For Pete's sake originated because the original, "for God's sake"was considered blasphemy. So the name Peter was substituted becausePeter was one of the original disciples of Jesus.

For petes sake mean?

For Pete's sake is a minced oath, instead of saying "for Christ's ( or possibly Pity's) sake."

What did Whistler mean by Art for art's sake?

If you get an idea; How can you determine if it's a good idea or bad idea? Good ideas have cultural or technological consequences. If you have an idea to make a circular wheel, Then the technological applications of that are many, and consequently; that's a good idea. If you have an idea to ma (MORE)

What does the Japanese word 'sake' mean?

Sake is the name of a very popular wine made from fermented rice. Sake originated in Japan and is still extremely popular there and throughout the world primarily in Japanese restaurants.

What is sweet sake?

"Sweet Sake" comes in two forms. The first is also called "Mirin"; it is usually an inferior sakethat you can use at home for cooking or in Japanese sauces; peopledrank it as Sweet Sake during the Edo Period. It costs around $5-10per 750 ml. The second is called "Nigori" Sake and is for drinking; It (MORE)

What does 'Saints do not move though grant for prayers sake' mean?

This line is from Juliet, 5th scene of act 1, it´s from her first dialog with Romeo, as he makes his first move to meet Juliet. He compares her to a holy shrine, or a sacred sanctuary, and his lips as devoted pilgrims. Juliet responds that he does wrong his hands too much, and asks which mannerly (MORE)

What rhymes with sake?

If you are referring to the word used as in "for your sake": ache, bake, cake, fake, Jake, make, rake, take, wake, shake, steak, lake, stake, flake, Blake If you are referring to the Japanese grain alcohol: cocky, rocky, stocky, jockey, hockey, walkie-talkie

How do you drink sake?

Sake was originally created in Japan. It is an alcoholic drink made from Japanese-style rice, polished down and fermented with a special type of mold called koji . As with wine, there are several classes and many types of sake. What really makes the idea of sake interesting is that while it is re (MORE)

How do you make sake?

To make sake, sake rice is first steamed. Then Aspergillus oryzae,a type of mold, is added to the rice and allowed to ferment. Waterand yeast is then added to the rice and mold mixture and allowed tocontinue to ferment. Solids are removed from the final productthrough filtering.

How do you brew sake?

Sake is Rice Wine so the obvious way would be to boil rice until soft. Strain off the liquid, which is what you would then keep to make the Sake from. Allow the liquid to cool. Once cool add wine yeast and allow to ferment.

What is for your sake in Spanish?

For your sake in Spanish is "para su motivo." I really think "por su bien" is a better translation, "para su motivo" sounds a little weird in spanish.

Does anybody know the Track list on the rare live recorded album of the libertines - for pete's sake?

A1 Up The Bracket (Live) A2 What A Waster (Live) A3 Vertigo (Live) A4 Mayday (Live) A5 Time For Heroes (Live) A6 Death On The Stairs (Live) A7 Boys In The Band (Live) A8 I Get Along (Live) B1 Don't Look Back Into The Sun B2 Can't Stand Me Now (Live) B3 Another Girl, Another Planet (Live) B4 Lazy Sun (MORE)

What does for cripes sake mean?

It's a modification of the phrase, "for Christ's sake" for people who are afraid to take the Lord's name in vain. (I think the rationale is that by substituting "cripes" for "Christ", you're not committing a sin. It's the same idea as saying "gosh darn it"). The phrase means: "I am surprised or anno (MORE)

Bruce Lee's meaning for don't move for the sake of moving?

Move for a purpose, if you look into his philosophy and martial arts you can see that Bruce was a big supporter of moving with purpose. Know what you are going to do before you do it, know what your opponent is going to do before he does and strike with purpose for both effects.

Is sake from rice?

Yes. Sake is a wine distilled from rice. It originated in Japan, and is served either hot or cold, depending on what it is being served with or the occasion.

What does for Christ's sake mean?

It has devolved to use as an expletive, but originally meant that one should focus on one's daily work and taks for the sake of being a good Christian.

Is it appearance's sake or appearance sake?

appearance's sake It's intended to mean something done for the purpose of appearance; another way of saying it is "the sake of appearance." So it becomes possessive, just like "For God's sake" or "For Pete's sake." . The apostrophe is correct but the final s is optional. "Appearance' sake" is fa (MORE)

What is aperitif and sake?

An aperitif is a before dinner drink. Sake is rice wine from Japan. Sake does, however, make an excellent aperitif.

What is sake sushi?

This may or may not be right, but I do know that sake can mean salmon or a type of liquor so it may have something to do with that. Hope it helped!

What did Jesus mean when he said believe for the very works' sake?

Here is the Scripture that you refer to: Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works' sake (John 14.11) Jesus said this in response to Philip's question, "Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us." (John 14.8) Philip was one of Jesus' twel (MORE)

How do you spell sake?

Sake is the correct spelling. I will answer this for your sake. (The same spelling is used for Japanese rice wine sake )

Where is Pete's Coffee located?

Pete's Coffee & Tea is a store that specializes in setting premium coffees and teas. It has locations across California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington.

What are the release dates for Pete's Dragon - 1977?

Pete's Dragon - 1977 was released on: USA: 3 November 1977 Argentina: 8 December 1977 Brazil: 23 January 1978 Australia: 13 April 1978 Spain: 28 August 1978 Sweden: 23 September 1978 Finland: 6 October 1978 Denmark: 13 October 1978 France: 18 October 1978 Hong Kong: 19 October 1 (MORE)

What are the release dates for For Pete's Wake - 2007?

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What is a sake bomb?

A sake bomb is a drink made by dropping a shot glass of sake into a larger glass of beer.