What does Form 1008-S payment reduction notification mean?

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A notice/mailing from an unknown mortgage company. I received this notice and don't think it's real. It refers to lowing your interest rate and mortgage payments. The more research I do, the more it looks like a solicitation. I found something on a government website that suggested I be very careful with mailings like this, it is most likely a private mortgage company that wants me to refinance with them. They said if I wanted to look into the benefits of the Governmental Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, I should contact my mortgage company.
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What is reduction?

The chemical process of reduction, is any process in which electrons are added to an atom or ion (as by removing oxygen or adding hydrogen); always occurs accompanied by oxidation of the reducing agent. To allow a sauce or stock to simmer without a lid on. This makes it thicker.This is another ans (MORE)

What is notification?

A notification is issued by a Government (central/ state) to exercise the power of a legislative enactment (Parlimentary/ Assembly). These powers are in abundance in taxation (direct/ indirect) legislations. These notifications generally lay down the law taking care of some procedural aspects of the (MORE)

Does debt reduction companies really help reduce debt and payments?

Yes off course they help to reduce debt.. With the help of debt consolidation you begin with one loan with a small interest charge which is reasonable and which will assist you to perk up your credit score.. Accepting this loan will discontinue any collection mediators harassing calls and provide (MORE)

What can you do to get your car back from repossession all payments made given no notification of repossession Car repossessed in Ontario Canada?

Sorry....just to start, repossession with all payments made? For not reason at all? Because the bank wants your old car so much they'll pay for the costs of getting it, storing it, selling it, getting the title, legal, etc...... Doesn't sound like the real story....and you ain't going to fool any (MORE)

What does the term principal reduction mean?

it means that you are reducing the amount of your original loan on the principal of your property....it's usually the amount less interest paid monthly that you are reducing.........thus the principal is reduced by that amount

What is the meaning of double reduction?

Double reduction is a term that can be used in many fields. Inautomobile terms, a double reduction axle is a drive axleconstruction in which two sets of reduction gears are used forextreme reduction of gear ratio.

What Does Reduction Mean?

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What is the meaning of oxidation-reduction reaction?

Oxidation is the loss of electrons Reduction is the gaining of electrons Cu2+ + Ag(s) --> Cu(s) + Ag+1 Oxidation states are on the top of the elements, you can see the changes 2+ 0 Cu2+ --> Cu(s) 0 +1 Ag(s) --> Ag+1 Which is loosing and which is gaining electrons? +2 -> 0. gain of 2 electrons( 2 n (MORE)

What the meaning of TT in terms of payment?

A TT payment stands for telegraphic transfer or wire/swift transferwhich is the cheapest and fastest. It is a legal way of remittingmoney overseas through any bank with Forex facility. T/T is just a payment method, but not payment term, so when youdiscuss the payment term with customers, you must s (MORE)

What product form by reduction of a carboxylic acid?

reducing a carboxylic acid directly forms an aldehyde, but further reduction forms a primary alcohol reducing a ketone forms a secondary alcohol oxidation reverses these processes primary alcohol -> aldehyde -> carboxylic acid secondary alcohol -> ketone

What does the word reduction mean?

Mean has two meaning and one if it is when it is used as an adjective while the other meaning is to say or tell what does a word speaks for.

Is form 1008 s real?

It's fake, from a private company that wants you to refinance with them, at no benefit to you.

What is a payment reduction?

Beyond the obvious, a reduction in a payment or payments, there are scams and barely legal offers from certain entities offering to reduce your payments. What they fail to disclose is how much it will cost and that they will not be making payments for a year or more, during which time the creditors (MORE)

What does mean mortgage payment reversal?

this site is bogus. its adds all lead to the same bank abusing your mortgage. they want your thoughts so they know how to scam . take a look around it promotes banks and they same banks causing the problem signed fed up

What does mc means of payment mean?

"means of payment" refers to how you will get the money to pay them. For example, if you take out a loan, they will want to know how you will come by the money to pay them back (job, etc.) "A $100,000/year job provides you the means to afford the loan payments on a $200,000 mortgage."

What is the meaning of payment to continue?

The inference is that YOU shall be expected to continue to make payments to the issuer of the statement. It is not a standard comment unless you are a recipient of long term benefit payments or some kind of JG Wentworthable commodity.

Can a defendant request a reduction of payment of a small claims judgment?

If what you mean is that a judgment has been entered against you, and you wish to pay a lower amount, you certainly can try to compromise with the Plaintiff. Frequently, the Plaintiff will see it as a chance to get a sum certain within a short period of time, and thereby, worth it to compromise the (MORE)

What does ad-hoc payment mean?

Without a written plan in place, payments made to a sick or injuredemployee may be considered non-deductible distributions or "ad hocpayments". Ad hoc payments are those made by employers to sick orinjured employees on a discretionary basis and not according to apre-existing salary continuation plan (MORE)

What does a deferred payment mean on a truck payment?

A deferred payments is to make the payment at a later date. From time to time a creditor may ask if you would like to skip a payment. They would charge you about $50 and move the payment or defer it to the end of the loan. This is not to your advantage. It costs you up front and costs you interest.

What forms of payment does ticketsnow accept?

Ticketsnow only accepts one form of payment and that is credit cards, American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard, and VISA. However if you are buying from a private party or selling your own tickets on Ticketsnow, e-checks and possible Paypal can be used for that transaction.

What does payment by return mean?

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What is reductance?

The property which opposes the establishment of the magneticflux in the magnetic circuits is known as reductance. it isanalogous to the resistance in electric circuit.

What are notifications?

notifications are what u get if someone has liked a photo,status,wall post or has wrote something on your wall

Is it illegal for a credit life insurance company cancel a policy without notification and still charge the bank for payment?

I got an auto loan 19 months ago with my grandma as the primary and myself as the secondary. I put credit life insurance on it, for a total of about $568 extra, raising my monthly payment about 9-10 dollars a month. When my grandmother passed away unexpectedly, I tried to file a claim but was denied (MORE)

What does SFP stand for as a form of payment?

SFP stands for Single-Farm Payment in the European Union. It is an agricultural subsidy, or monetary assistance, that is paid to farmers based on the land they own and what it produces.

What forms of payment does Kohls accept?

Kohls accepts cash, bank cards, and credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and many other card types. Make sure you have various payment options before you shop there.

What does reduct means?

A reduct is an algebraic structure created by leaving out some ofthe operations and relations of that structure. "Expansion" is theopposite of "reduct."

Is combustion a form of oxidation or reduction?

In all Redox reactions some things are oxidized (meaning those elements lose electrons) and some things are reduced (meaning those elements gain electrons). The phrase to remember is OIL RIG - Oxidation Is Losing Reduction Is Gaining.