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The question is obviously prompted by Bill O'Reilly's news commentary show where O'Reilly is offering bumper stickers to his listening audience that say, "The Factor says "Tell the Truth... or Get the Barney". O'Reilly of course is of Irish herritage. According to "onlineslangdictionary.com", in the United Kingdom the word "barney" is slang for a heated discussion or argument - especially a loud or violent argument. That definition fits the on-air "discussion" that O'Reilly had with Congressman Barney Frank, the chairman of the House Finanical Services Committee, on October 3, 2008. (Google "Bill O'Reilly" "Barney Frank".) So the bumper sticker is a double entendre.
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What to say to barney?

Barney was a kids show on Cartoonito. But they stopped the show because one of the people who were playing Barney was suffocating in the suit. Barney was played by Carey Stins

Why is barney bad?

Barney is bad because he got sent to jail for putting drugs in the tail of his costume.

What does the story Barney by will Stanton mean?

it the story is about only two characters, the scientist (unnamed) and the rat (barney). the scientist is testing rats with a chemical in hope to make them intelligent. then

Did Barney die?

Yes and no. - Barney the Scottish Terrier (pet of GW Bush) -- died at the ageof 12 in 2013 - Barney the Purple Dinosaur -- all of the main actors (2 voiceactors) were still al

What are aome mean Barney songs?

I hate you, you hate me, lets team up and kill Barney. With a kick to the nuts and a knife to the head, lets all cheer 'cause Barneys dead.

What did Barney get arrested for?

  I dont really know but ive been doing reserch but either way YES he did get arrested either for doing drugs or for stepping on a thorn on TV and said a cuss word!

Why did Barney get fired?

Because he got drunk before a show and punched a little kid in the face.

Is barney dead?

The character Barney is not dead. As for the person who plays Barney, who knows?   Barney was actually played by two people. Carey Stinson was in the suit but the voice was

How did Barney get fired?

The producer told him his language and behaviour was unacceptable and his services were no longer required.

Who are the kid on barney?

well i don't know all of them but i do know that Selena Gomez and demi lovato were on barney.

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Who is barney?

Barney is a fictional dinosaur for toddlers. The show "Barney" is the show for toddlers to watch and maybe learn basics for preschool.     If you have any more to add t