What does Juliet use to commit suicide?

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She stabbed her self with Romeo's Dagger
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Where is the proof that Hitler committed suicide?

Answer . Hitler poisond himself but it didnt work so he shot himself in the mouth . The story of his death was and is in the Russian archives including some of his remains. This was hidden by Stalin and the soviet from the rest of the allies for unknown reasons. Until the fall of communism (MORE)

Why do teenagers commit suicide because of drug use?

Depression is Suicide Untreated~ Drug use/abuse aren't what causes suicide. If there is depression there is suicide idiation, with major depression every day is consumed by the idea. One will self medicate to escape the suffering, abuse then addiction and possibly overdose. Some who party kno (MORE)

Is it illegal to commit suicide in the us?

No, suicide has not been a crime in any US State in approximately 20 years. Those states where it was a crime then were exceedingly rare (only 2 of 50). Most had de-criminalized Note that an attempted suicide is near conclusive proof that you are a danger to yourself and will likely result in inv (MORE)

Did Bobby mcferrin commit suicide?

No! He is still alive and performs. This is a rumor that started in 1992. To learn more visit www.snopes .com and type in "Bobby Mcferrin's suicide".

How did Gaspara Stampa commit suicide?

I have not read anywhere that she had committed suicide. I read multiple times that she died from "male di mare" (illness of the womb), possibly in childbirth or some kind of venereal disease. I have also read that she died from a fever. Never suicide.

Should people commit suicide?

No.In some religions this is a sin. I believe that God created us for something great. When we commit suicide then we rob ourselves of the opportunity to fulfill this. Suicide is cruel to those that we leave behind. There is no problem that we can't get through no matter how bad. It may just take t (MORE)

How many soldiers committed suicide?

By 2009, an Army study concludes the suicide rate of soldiers wasover 30 per 100,000. This percentage was for soldiers who had beendeployed to Iraqi and Afghanistan. The suicide rate for those whowere not deployed during the same time period was between 25 and 30per 100,000. These numbers kept incre (MORE)

Where can you commit suicide?

Technically it can be anywhere. Some places are more favorable than others due to clean-up concerns and whether or not you want people to find you. I am sorry you are one of the people that have to consider things like this. Try talking to someone. There are confidential numbers and websites that c (MORE)

Do people that commit suicide know who they hurt when they commit suicide?

In my experience, yes they do -- clearly. Sometimes, the pain caused is intentional; other times in spite of the survivors. I'd say that most suicides are very clear about who will be hurt in the aftermath. Another Answer: I would say yes also. But the vast majority have pain worse than the pa (MORE)

What method did Cleopatra use to commit suicide?

Snake Bite. She used an Egyptian Asp. Don"t get any crazy ideas. Some years ago it hit the Gotham tabloids- Snake-Bite suicide bid. They got the poor jerk anti-venom in time. There are some snakes like the Copperhead for whom no safe or reliable anti-venom is known. Red to Yellow- Kill a Fellow!

Is it illegal to commit suicide in us?

Suicide has historically been treated as a criminal matter in many parts of the world. Although a person who has successfully committed suicide might be thought to be beyond the reach of the law (since they are dead), there could still be legal consequences. The associated matters of assisting a sui (MORE)

Who commits suicide first in Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo- he finds Juliet deeply unconscious after having taken Frair Lawrence's sleeping draught, believes her to be dead, and stabs himself out of grief. Juliet then wakes up, finds Romeo dead, and kills herself for the same reason.

Which us president committed suicide?

There were rumors that Warren G. Harding may have taken his own life in the wake- or spillage- of the Tea Pot Dome scandal involving at base- an oil refinery. ( some things never change)- The Sinclair company was also implicated, but survived.

What do people use to commit suicide?

While we cannot give specifics, the common methods use: 1. Medications or drugs 2. Poisons 3. Noxious gases 4. Sharp objects 5. Firearms 6. Explosives 7. Ropes 8. Heights 9. Water 10. Motor vehicles 11. Other people 12. Fire or heat 13. Dangerous reptiles or other animals (MORE)

How many kids commit suicide in the US because they are cyberbullied?

Somehow, we have been led to believe that "cyberbullying" is worse than regular old bullying, where real kids in real schoolyards make real threats to real people. It seems that hanging the prefix "cyber-" onto practically anything makes it something new and ever so dangerous . According to my r (MORE)

Why did Wolfgang Paalen commit suicide?

Paalen had bipolar disorder and was addicted to drugs and alcohol as well. I suspect that those issues contributed to his decision to take his life. Elena Poniatowska writes in her impeccably researched historical novel "Leonora" that Paalen was (in addition to being plagued by depression) out of m (MORE)

Did Durkheim commit suicide?

No, he studied the subject from a sociological perspective- by differing occupations, working classes, etc. he found Scientists and Engineers had the lowest tendency towards suicide by occupational class. When he was writing psychiatrists did not exist as a medical specialty- they are reported to ha (MORE)

How likely is a person to commit suicide?

That depends on a tremendous number of factors. Most importantly, since you categorized the question as Depression and Bipolar, let's stick to them. Bipolar patients of all kinds are 10 to 20 times more likely to commit suicide in any given year than the general population. This means .4% of all B (MORE)

Do people have the right to commit suicide?

They have the right to commit suicide as it is their life that they are taking. However, there may be a reasonable question as to the person's mental capacity or motivation for wishing to do so. That is an issue that may be properly raised, but there is a legal route for so doing, such as by having (MORE)

Why did Romeo commit suicide?

Juliet took a potion that looked like she died, so after the burial, she could be with Romeo. When Romeo saw that Juliet was pronounced dead, he committed suicide to die by her side.

Who in Bible attempted to commit suicide?

The person was the Corinthian jailer. Paul and Silas had been falsely accused and were bring held with other prisoners. There was an earthquake at night, the doors all opened, and the prisoners' chain were loosened. The jailer saw the open doors and thought all the prisoners had escaped (he didn't " (MORE)

Are there lists of people who have committed suicide?

No. Statistics on 'births and deaths', including 'causes of deathe.g. natural, accident, suicide, homicide, the so-called NASHclassification, are normally kept in each state/country. This canassist in social policy, crime prevention, etc. Refer to the WorldHealth Organisation (WHO) website for more. (MORE)

What do you say when a parent commits suicide?

I think this may be a case where what you're asking in this question is not what you mean. When you ask what to "say", I think you may mean, what happens to the survivors when a parent commits suicide. Would you be so kind as to re-ask this question a little more directly please?

Why does Hyde commit suicide?

The friends of Doctor Jekyll perceive that it is Hyde that occupies the laboratory and mistaking that Hyde is holding the doctor hostage force their way in to rescue him. Hyde seeing that his last retreat is gone drinks poison.

Why do emos commit suicide?

People from all walks of life commit suicide. Whatever label a person has, they are human and are inflicted from many of the same things someone with another label has to deal with. People, including 'emos', commit suicide because of abuse, depression, mental pain, being a victim, and loss of hope. (MORE)

How many teens in US committed suicide in 2009?

Latest final statistics from American Association of Suicidology are for the year 2006. They show that in the US that year, a total of 4,189 young people aged 15-24 years died by suicide. This works out at just under 12 young persons every day. Overall about 12% of all deaths of young people are b (MORE)

What percent of suicidal people commit suicide?

When you say "suicidal people" you probably mean people who are at risk of killing themselves. This risk might be low or moderate or high and it can change from day to day, week to week, month to month. The 'risk' level can only be ascertained by a rigorous assessment for suicide procedure by a co (MORE)

How many people commit suicide using guns?

In America, the foremost means of committing suicide (arguably) is with guns -- mostly handguns. Men choose this method quite frequently; women somewhat less so, preferring poisons. Exact numbers are hard to obtain, for quite a few reasons. For example, it's often easier on the survivors if the ev (MORE)

What does it mean if you dream about someone you used to like but now hate committing suicide?

This suggests some guilt feelings on the part of the dreamer. While it is normal for friends (or couples) sometimes to drift apart, swinging to the extreme of hate tends to cause confusion, particularly on the level of the subconscious emotions. The "suicide" indicates a sense that the dreamer's hat (MORE)

Why are suicides commited?

Because you are so unbelievably epressed you feel there is no way to fix anything besides killing your self

Did any US President commit suicide?

No........... One of the rumors floating around after Warren Harding's death was that he committed suicide to avoid impeachment and disgrace. However, it is more likely that he had coronary artery disease due to his unhealthy lifestyle, and medical negligence contributed to his death. There was a s (MORE)

What methods do teens use to commit suicide?

They use mostly the usual stuff - pills, sharp objects, hanging, jumping, and firearms. Overdose of mediation, hanging with noose, cutting, jumping off of a high platform, drinking a toxic liquid, etc…