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In London
Afternoon fixing price for gold and silver at London. The London gold and silver fix are widely followed benchmarks for gold and silver prices. The term 'fix' is used in a nautical sense, as in fixing on a point, which is the price at which the market is balanced. The 'fix' occurs when buy and sell orders of the fixing brokers are matched to bring the market into balance at a certain price, which becomes the 'fixing' price or 'fix' for short. The London gold fix is set twice each business day. The London AM fix begins at 10am (5am in New York), and the London PM fix begins at 3pm (10am in New York). The London silver fix begins each business day at 12pm (7am in New York). The London PM fix is widely followed to provide daily gold price quotes and is reported in major newspapers and at many gold-related websites. A history of London fixing prices can be found on the London Bullion Market Association website.
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What does pm mean?

pm means: . post meridian . PRÄ°VATE MESSAGE . Prime minister . personal mail . post menstrual . prime meridian

What does PMS mean?

PMS stands for Prementrual Syndrome which can be of physical, psychological, or emotional symptoms related to a woman's menstrual cycle. pms means when a girl is crazy and she is kinda like bipolar. and they change there minds alot. they freak out alot to. and no one wants to be around someone wh (MORE)

What is am pm mean?

The initials a.m. stand for ante meridian, Latin for "before noon." The initials p.m. stand for post meridian, Latin for "after noon."

What does pm and am mean?

The initials a.m. stand for ante meridian, Latin for "before noon." The initials p.m. stand for post meridian, Latin for "after noon."

In chemistry what does pm mean?

It is a measurement called the picometer. Pico- is the SI prefixthat means a factor of 10-12. So one meter would be .000000000001picometers.

Does 1144 EDT mean am or pm?

The time 1144 EDT is equivalent to 11:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time.In military time, anything from 1200 to 2359 hours would beconsidered PM in standard time.

What does PM mean after a surname?

"PM" may mean Prime Minister, Pontifex Maximus, Postmaster,photographer's Mate (US Navy enlisted rating), or Project manager.Perhaps it would be pertinent to ask the person utilizing saidabbreviation, if possible.

What does am pm mean?

Am stands for Ante Meridiem, Latin for before noon, Pm stands for post meridiem, Latin for after noon.

What is mean by AM PM?

AM = the hours of usual sleep and wake. 1am to 12am. PM = The hours of afternoon, evening, and sleep. 1pm to 12pm, or midnight.

If it is 12 o'clock pm in the US what time is it in London?

A) That depends on where in the United States it is 12:00. B) There is no 12:00 PM ... 12:00 is either midnight or noon. C) It depends on whether it is GMT or BST America has several time zones. Eastern is along the Atlantic seaboard and is 5 hours behind GMT Central is in the Midwest and (MORE)

In Jewelry what does PMS 14KP mean?

The 14kp markings mean that it is 14ct gold, the pms may be a number of things. could mean precious metal silver which indicates that its a 14ct gold plated silver ring or the pms might be a companys intials. every hallmark in Britain has intials at the start so you know where it came from.

What does it pm mean?

(If you are talking about PM in time) It means p ost m eridian. And AM means ante meridian. Before and after the meridian that means noon.

When it is 17.30 pm in London what time is it in New York?

During most of the year, it's 12.30. 17.30 Greenwich Mean Time = 12.30 Eastern Standard Time 17.30 British Summer Time = 12.30 Eastern Daylight Saving Time However, between the second and last Sundays of March and during the week of October 31, the U.S. is on Daylight Saving Time, but Europ (MORE)

What is pm in crochet mean?

PM means "place marker." It's a way to help you keep track of where rows start/end or where something special is supposed to happen. You can substitute a safety pin if you don't have commercial markers. Simply pin the safety pin through the loop of the stitch you just finished and you will have plac (MORE)

What do you mean by am and pm?

Meridiem is the Latin for midday. Ante is the Latin for before. Post is the Latin for after.. a.m. is the abbreviation of the Latin phrase ante meridiem - and means before midday. p.m. is the abbreviation of the Latin phrase post meridiem - and means after midday. . Because we us (MORE)

What do AM and PM mean?

AM is an abbreviation for Ante Meridiem which is Latin for "beforemidday." PM is an abbreviation for Post Meridiem which is Latin for "aftermidday."

Am pm hour mean?

Ante and post meridium, meaning before and after noon respectively. This means 12am (midnight) to 11:59 just before noon is am, and the other 12 hours is pm.

What does pms-ing mean?

Post Menopausal Syndrome. Which causes women who are having a period to often be extremely cranky and upset.

What is PM mean?

\n. \nIt means after noon.\n. \nIt means after noon.\n. \nIt's correct but more precisely;\nPM got a few definitions; the most commonly used are\n1. PM : Prime Minister: The person who holds the position of head of the government or cabinet (Like in UK)\n2. pm : Post Meridian : Between noon and m (MORE)

Am and pm mean?

AM = "Ante - Meridian" PM = "Post - Meridian" "Ante" and "post" mean "before" and "after". "Meridian" is the imaginary line in the sky that runs north/south and passes directly over you. In the morning, the sun moves from the eastern horizon toward the meridian. At Noon, the sun crosses (MORE)

What does pm mean on a clock?

its after twelve o clock. afternoon. "pm" stands for "post-meridian", which means the Sun has passed the mid-day point in the sky.

What is pm means in urdu?

pm کا مطلب ہے "بعد از دوپہر" جبکہ am کا مطلب ہے "قبل از دوپہر"۔

What is mean by pm and am of time?

A.M stands for ante meridiem ( "before mid-day"). P.M stands for post meridiem ("after mid-day"). 12 o'clock is either noon (12 N) or midnight (12 M). Since noon or midnight cannot be before or after itself, there is no 12 A.M. or 12 P.M. (except where computers have replaced brains).

What does pm in drug dose mean?

PM indicates to be taken at night. Typically this is because the medications contain a type of medication (usually they have a couple different active ingredients) that may/will cause drowsiness.

What does pm means in the afternoon?

AM = "Ante - Meridian" PM = "Post - Meridian" "Ante" and "post" mean "before" and "after". "Meridian" is the imaginary line in the sky that runs north/south and passes directly over you.

If it's 8.30 PM in the U.S. what time is it in London?

The U.S. has four main time zones: Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern. Each is one hour later than the last. For example, if it's 4 PM Pacific Time, then it's 5 PM Mountain Time, 6 PM Central Time, and 7 PM Eastern Time. England is 8 hours ahead of the Pacific Time Zone; 7 hours ahead of the (MORE)

What does pm mean on facebook?

Private message, or a Facebook Instant Message. In the bottom right hand corner, a rectangular box says "Chat" and if you click it, it will open up to reveal a list of people who are online form your friends list and if you click a name, you will be able to type directly to that person.

What do mean am and pm?

what do am and pm mean? well am means it is morning pm means its afternoon and night AM Means : ANTI MERIDIAN PM Means : POST MERIDIAN

What do AM and PM mean in time?

12:00 Noon is supposed to be the time when the sun crosses your meridian ... the line that goes straight north or south from you. Before the sun crosses that line, you're in the morning part of the day. "AM" stands for the Latin " Ante Meridian" . . . " before the meridian". After the sun (MORE)

What do you mean am and pm?

In places that use 12-hour time rather than 24-hour time, AM and PM are used to differentiate between the first half of the day and the second half. AM is short for ante meridiem, which is Latin for "before the middle of the day". PM stands for post meridiem, Latin for "after the middle of the da (MORE)

What do AM PM and FM AM mean?

Time A.M. and P.M. (The uppercase A.M. and P.M. is preferred over a.m. and p.m.). Meanings defined a.m. or A.M. = ante meridiem (Latin) Denotes "after midnight". (any time or hour after 12 midnight to 12 noon) p.m. or P.M. = post meridiem (Latin) Denotes "after 12 noon" (any time or h (MORE)

What time will arrive in London if you depart from Singapore at 11 pm?

"night" is defined by government as 11pm - 7am, but the ... On some nights, there will be more flights, but, over .... countries, as it is not possible to depart and ... time . If it then took off from the UK at 2pm, it would arrive back on the US west coast ... From the Far East - (MORE)

When 2.30 pm CET in London what time will it be in Gothenburg?

Whenever it is 2:30 PM in England, the time in Sweden is 3:30 PM. However, when the time in England is UTC + 1 hour, they don't call it Central European Time; they call it British Summer Time. 2:30 PM GMT in England = 3:30 PM CET in Sweden, and 2:30 PM BST in England = 3:30 PM CEST in Sweden.

What time is it in London if it was 4 30 pm in Arizona?

From the last Sun. of Mar. to the last Sun. of Oct., at 4:30 PM MST (UTC-7) in Phoenix it's 12:30 AM BST (UTC+1) in London. . From the last Sun. of Oct. to the last Sun. of Mar., at 4:30 PM MST (UTC-7) in Phoenix it's 11:30 PM GMT (UTC+0) in London.

What time is it in Tasmania Australia if it is 6.30 pm London UK?

3:30 AM AEST, 4:30 AM AEDT or 5:30 AM AEDT, depending on the timeof year . From the last Sun. of Mar. to the 1st Sun. of Apr., Tasmania(UTC+11) is 10 hours ahead of London (UTC+1). . From the 1st Sun. of Apr. to the 1st Sun. of Oct., Tasmania(UTC+10) is 9 hours ahead of London (UTC+1). . Fr (MORE)

If it is 100 pm in London what time is it in Oregon?

Oregon is 8 hours behind GMT. However, both the UK and the USobserve Daylight Savings Time, and start and end DST at differenttimes. So there are short periods during the year when both the USand UK are observing DST at slightly different times. In general,however, when both are either on or off DST (MORE)