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What does Mon petit chou mean in French?

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It is often translated as meaning "my little cabbage" but the "chou" in question in this case can also be a popular kind of pastry.
Whatever the exact origin, it is a term of endearment for someone you like very much.
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What does 'j'taime aussi mon petit' mean?

The first part "j'taime aussi" means simple "I love you too". "Mon petit" is a term of endearment meaning literally "my little one". It is close in meaning to the English "m

What does mon petit trianon mean?

It means my little trianon. Le Trianon is a toy hamlet built in the park of the Versailles palace, where the queen Marie-Antoinette pretended to play the shepherdess. There

What does mon petite cheri mean?

  That phrase is not good French. The french expression ma petite cherie (referring to a woman) or mon petit cheri (referring to a man) is a term of affection, like "sweet

What does mon petit chou chou mean?

"My little someone special." Though, literally chou means cabbage. It's a pet name that couples and/or good friends use. (French)

What does j'aime mon petite belle mean?

It should be "ma petite belle", not "mon" ("mon" is for men in this context). "Ma petite belle" is equivalent to "my girlfriend." J'aime ma petite belle. = I love my girlfr

What does Mon petit pois mean?

"mon petit pois" = "my little pea" But I don't know anybody who would use this expression in French.

What is a petit chou?

The literal translation of a "petit chou" is a little cabbage. This term is generally used however to express how cute or sweet someone is. In English we usually say, "honey"

What is the French phrase 'mon petit fleur' in English?

"My little flower" is a literal English equivalent of the French phrase "mon petit fleur." Specifically, the masculine possessive adjective "mon" means "my." The masculine