What does RAM mean in computer terms?

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Random access memory.
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What does unbuffered mean in terms of ram?

buffered ram is ram that buffers data before it fully excepts it. its like the same as ecc error correcting code. buffered is better than unbuffered as long as your mother boa

What does RAM in the computer means?

RAM = Random access memory.. It is a volatile (loses all data stored when the computer is turned off) yet fast data storage device used in computers. Reading/writing to the h

In computer terms what does ram stand for?

RAM in computers stands for "Random Access Memory". The more of it you have, the more applications it can store in memory therefor decreasing loading times and making you PC a

What does RAM on a computer mean?

Random-Access Memory, or RAM, is the method of data storage for most personal computers . It is computer data stored in circuits that do not require physical movement to be a

For what does the computer term ram stand?

Random Access Memory. To simplify, RAM is basically what the computer is thinking about RIGHT NOW, as apposed to ROM (read only memory) which are things that are STORED on a c

What does RAM mean in talking about a computer?

RAM stands for R andom A ccess M emory. The term Random Access refers to the fact that the computer can read or write to any specific addresses in any order required

What does RAM mean when your talking about computers?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory . What this means is thatany location in such a memory can be accessed at any time and inany order without having to be concerned about wh