What does RT mean in baseball?

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It probably means "Rate", as in a fielder's rate of production. The stat is measured by with a base of 100. If a player has a Fielding Rate of 100, he is a perfectly average player. Points are added or subtracted based on their number of runs. The higher your number, the better.
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What does Rt Hon mean?

"Right Honorable." It's a formal term of respect like "his Honor" and "Your Eminence." This one happens to be a British term of respect for certain persons of rank.

What does RT and Lt mean in baseball?

Are you sure you don't mean football? In football they would be Right Tackle and Left Tackle. In baseball you'd have LF and RF for left field and right field, respectively, bu

What is the meaning of 'RT' in Twitter?

Retweet/Retweeting RT stands for "ReTweet." To retweet someone's tweet/message is toshare their tweet with your own Twitter followers. When you come across an interesting twee

What does RT mean in the car world?

rt means road/track thismeans the suspension is better than standard and that if you was to take this to a track it would need minimum preperation

What does RT mean in shipping terms?

In shipping, 'RT' is an acronym for the term 'Revenue Ton'. Thisterm is used to describe the measurement in which freight isshipped.
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What rts mean when written on prescription?

The acronym RTS on a prescription means refilled too soon. This means that the prescription is being refilled too soon and you should wait to get a refill. This is common when