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RAFO is an acronym for 'read and find out'.
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Who was the Rev Robert Jordan and what was his role in Maine?

The Jordan Memorial: Family Records of Rev. Robert Jordan, and His Descendants in America (1882) . The Rev. Robert Jordan, a priest of the church of England, came to Richmond's Island in Maine about the year 1640. Jordan probably divided Sunday ministrations between the Spurwink and Casco settle (MORE)

Who is Robert Jordan?

Robert Jordan is an author who writes fantasy novels best known for the Wheel of Time novels.

What does Jordan mean and what are the characteristics?

It means your an honest person. But somethimes when you voice your opinion people get hurt by it so be careful. But other wise this person is funt to hang with. But remember not to mind what they say because its their opinion and it shouldn't matter to you!!! aLL Jordans are good at givng advice so (MORE)

Are there going to be films made of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan?

A new compay, Red Eagle said that they were indeed going to make a film. There is much controvercy though and they have not realeaced anything. According to imdb.com, the first movie, Eye of the World, will be released sometime in 2011, but no other information what-so-ever is released. The link to (MORE)

What does the poem Out Out by Robert Frost mean?

it means that sometimes doing the right thing will yet take your life, but you know you did good. and the ones who you thought cared, took it away for good. all in all, its not what you'd expect.

Is Stephenie Meyers better than Robert Jordan?

Yes, she is.. Different Opinion:. No. Robert Jordan was a best selling author for over two decades. His books were well written, had deeply involved plots, well described characters, and appealed to a multitude of people outside of the "teen romance" scene. The stories were original and captivatin (MORE)

What does rppatz mean and does it have to do with Robert Pattinson?

RPattz is a nickname for him that fans made up. R stands for Robert, Pattz stands for Pattinson. Another thing to know is that he doesnt really like the sound of "RPattz", he said it sounds like a prescription medication or someting so instead he nicknamed himself Spunk Ransom.

Why did Robert Jordan die?

Robert Jordan died because he had a rare heart disorder called Amyloidosis. It caused his heart to stiffen and eventually fail.

What does crossing the river Jordan mean?

"Crossing the River Jordan" symbolizes the movement of a human's consciousness, a transformation from the earth-bound viewpoint to a transcendent one. When a person realizes (not just believes) his/her identity with the Source, or Divine, or God (whatever you choose to call Original Cause), he/she h (MORE)

What does the boy name Jordan mean?

The name Jordan means down flowing, when a boy has the name Jordan it usually means he is Destined for fame as a very good rapper and actor and will date a very beautiful singer

What does the name crossing Jordan mean?

The basic story of the show is the morgue and the lives of the people who work with the dead to discover how they died. The title of the show refers to both the main character, and the Biblical passage of crossing the Jordan river as a leaving of one life and passing onto another, often used in lite (MORE)

What kind of relationship did Robert Jordan have with Terry Goodkind?

Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind were both competitors in the same field. One might call them rivals, but they were both very careful not to let their personal opinions become public knowledge. Whenever asked about Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan would reply "I am aware of Mr. Goodkind". One can stipu (MORE)

What the colors on the flag of Jordan mean?

The Jordan flag consists of horizontal stripes of black, white, and green, with a triangle on the left hand side. The triangle has a seven-pointed star in the centre. The black represents the Abbassid Caliphate of Islam, The white represents the Ummayyed Caliphite of Islam, and the green represen (MORE)

In for whom the bell tolls by Hemingway why is Robert Jordan fighting in the spanish civil war?

It's a complicated question and any answer could be debated because Hemingway never makes it entirely clear. He seems like a sincere believer in the worker's revolution (communism), at least at first. But as the novel goes on you see there is a kind of suicidal streak in Jordan. At one point he relu (MORE)

What does east of the Jordan mean?

The Jordan is the river which creates the border of Israel and Jordan country. The east bank of the river is a nickname for the Jordan country's side, and this nickname is used a lot when there is a talk about the Arab-Israeli argument.

What does the name Jordan Dalton mean?

a nice girl....goes to pierce middle school....orange glasses.....white flip flops.....has everything in her purse...owes luke pink pants...."antie Jordan"

How old is Robert Means Thompson?

Robert Means Thompson was born on March 2, 1849 and died on September 5, 1930. Robert Means Thompson would have been 81 years old at the time of death or 166 years old today.

How old is Robert Jordan?

Robert Jordan was born on October 17, 1948 and died on September 16, 2007. Robert Jordan would have been 58 years old at the time of death or 66 years old today.

What Robert means in latin?

If you mean "What is the Latin version of the name Robert", it did not exist in Classical Latin. In Medieval Latin it was written Robertus .

What does Jordan chalifoux mean?

jordan chalifooux means awesome and kind and strong and very competitive and it is ussually a girls name and if a boy has that name the parent has mental issues this fact has been scientificly proven siceraly,Scientist ivanna

What is the meaning of The Kiss by robert graves?

In my opinion, The Kiss by Robert Graves is about life and death. The kiss refers to the kiss of death if you notice in the last stanza; . Is that Love? no, but Death,. A passion, a shout,. The deep in-breath,. The breath roaring out,. And once that is flown,. You must lie alone,. Without hop (MORE)

When was The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan published?

Written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, The Gathering Storm was published on October 27, 2009. It is the twelfth book in the Wheel of Time series. Sanderson completed the novel by using Jordan's notes and recordings.

What movie and television projects has Robert Jordan been in?

Robert Jordan has: Played Jerry in "Lux Video Theatre" in 1950. Played Boy at Piano in "Lux Video Theatre" in 1950. Played Nick Grassi in "Lux Video Theatre" in 1950. Played Bell Captain in "Lux Video Theatre" in 1950. Performed in "Dragnet" in 1951. Performed in "Not for Hire" in 1959. Played Repor (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Jordan Roberts been in?

Jordan Roberts has: Played Diane Jenkins in "The Young and the Restless" in 1973. Played Janet Cockswell in "Butch Camp" in 1996. Played Detective Jill Bennett in "Star of Jaipur" in 1998. Played Grace in "Passions" in 1999. Played Kelly in "Breaking Up Really Sucks" in 2001. Played Christine Gorman (MORE)

What has the author Robert L Jordan written?

Robert L. Jordan has written: 'Secured transactions in personal property' -- subject(s): Cases, Personal property, Security (Law) 'Negotiable instruments and letters of credit' -- subject(s): Cases, Letters of credit, Negotiable instruments 'Negotiable instruments, payments and credits' -- sub (MORE)