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it means "walker" or something to do with roaming my name is Romilly! :D
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What does AT mean?

AT-stands for "Automatic Transmission"...or if your speaking ofSUV's it can also mean "All Terrain". In computers, AT stands for "Advanced Technology" and was the IBMPC that came after the IBM XT.

Why is he mean to you?

Answer . he may be mean to you because maybe he likes you (some boys show their feelings differently) or maybe because your mean to him or did something to him to pissed him off. try talking to him. if he's still being mean, then avoid and ignore him as much as possible. you know that the things (MORE)

What is meaning of has?

Has is the third person present tense form of "to have," and can mean a lot of things based on the context. In itself, it generally indicates possession: he has a new car. It's also seen frequently as an auxiliary verb with the past participle to form a present perfect tense: he has gone to sleep.

What is the meaning of 'if and when'?

Answer . body> –conjunction . 1.in case that; granting or supposing that; on condition that: Sing if you want to. Stay indoors if it rains. I'll go if you do. . 2.even though: an enthusiastic if small audience. . 3.whether: He asked if I knew Spanish. . 4.(used to introduce an excl (MORE)

What does AM mean?

AM is an abbreviation of the Latin words ante meridiem meaning before noon. It is used to designate the time from midnightto noon. It is also used in radio communication to mean AmplitudeModulation A.M. is an acronym for the Latin term, Anti Meridian, (BeforeNoon). Subsequently, P.M. is an acron (MORE)

What is the mean?

The mean is when you add all the numbers together and then divide by how many there are. Another Answer: The mean is what you find out when you take a series of numbers add them all up and divide them by how many numbers you had. For Example: 6, 6, 8, 4, 2, 10, 14. (7 numbers) 6+6+8+4+2+10+14 50 5 (MORE)

What is the meaning of ON?

It is an information to state that any action,process or function has begun. . It is the US abbreviation for the name of the Canadian Province of Ontario. . It is a preposition meaning that one object is in contact with, and usually above, another object.

What does by mean?

In maths, it tends to be short for divided by , although this may not always be the case.

What does their mean?

"Their" means "belonging to them." The homophone of there/their/they're . There refersto some place. . T heir is thepossessive pronoun of them or themselves. . They're is a contraction or shortening of 'they are'. The homophone of there/their/they're There refers to some place. T he (MORE)

What is the meaning of i'?

the meaning of "i" is me or yourself.for example:I have a pet mouse.if you still dont know what "i" means mabye someone else can help you

What is the meaning of does?

Does are the females in the deer family of mammals, individually called a doe (pronounced doe as in toe). The plural of doe can also be doe. Does is also the word meaning the present tense of the verb do. Pronounced "duz" as opposed to the pronunciation for the female deer. To do something

What does to you and and you mean?

It probably means the person who wrote it accidentally repeated the word "and." To you and you, means to you and another person, to whom the speaker is speaking.

What does what it do mean?

Apparently it is supposed to mean "What does it do?" or maybe "What did it do?" but it is very poor grammar.

What does get with mean?

Get With, Means That Your Gonna/ or have already Had Sex,. Like Say Your Talking To A Friends Who Said Im Gonna Get With Fred Tonight, That Means She Wants To Go Have Sex With Fred Tonight

What is the meaning of a?

The word "a" doesnt really have a specific meaning, more of a function. The function of the word "a" is to tell that the noun following is singular. The dictionary defines it as a certain thing or a particular. Hope this helps! If you want to know, a, an, and the are called articles and are consider (MORE)

What does 'they' mean?

lthey mean is Phil vu. it is its own species. not a guy or girl. no dick no boobs. look him up on facebook first one with friends bailee bolt or kerri Parker or Keith lin. poor erson

What does There mean?

1. At or in that place: sit over there. 2. To, into, or toward that place: wouldn't go there again. 3. At that stage, moment, or point: Stop there before you make any more mistakes. 4. In that matter: I can't agree with him there. pron. 1. Used to introduce a clause or sentence: There (MORE)

What is but but mean?

I'm not really sure as its not a sentence but ill say it means what does but mean, it means 2 things 1. If you were talking to someone and somthing was unfair u might say but he did this or but i didnt start it ect... 2. It is used as a connective such as: he was furious BUT later on in the day he g (MORE)

How not to be mean?

If you're that type pf person that does want to be mean...then definitely follow these steps: 1. Say 'hi' to everybody and never give them a dirty look 2. Forget all of those people you hate and forget them (if you can't forget them then just ignore them) 3. Always have a smile on your face (MORE)

What is the meaning of the who?

The person. On a cultural note, The Who has always meant a lot to me, for having had the courage to cover the theme of spirituality in the rock opera Tommy when others were warbling about itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikinis! The Who (invented by Pete Townshend's roommate Richard Barnes (MORE)

What is the meaning of their?

"Their" is a possessive pronoun. Examples: A couple buys a house, so it is their property. The teenager wanted to borrow his parents' car; he has to ask to borrow it because it is theirs , not his. Sally and Tom's have four children; Their children are said to "belong" to them. After bei (MORE)

What does 'of' mean?

It means pertaining to, having a quality or characteristic, or in some cases from .

What does 'be in it' mean?

It means go be inside like to be inside a game ( to be in it, the it is the game for the sentence) Bye BLARGH!!

Meaning of where as?

It means (Instead). "I told her to do it this way, where as she insisted on doing it her own way and got it all wrong" "I told her to do it this way, instead she insisted on doing it her own way and got it all wrong". "look at the trouble your in, where as had you listened to me you wouldn't be in t (MORE)

What does it mean had have and have had?

Well, they both mean the same thing but some people like to say 'had have' and some like to say 'have had'. It's just that they like to say it that way. Some people shorten the sentence to .........have..... and some like to say ..........had......... so there is no deference between them.

What means a?

An indefinite article, used when referring to someone or something for the first time. Ex: "A man walked into the room."

What does By Then mean?

"By then" means up to that time about which speaker is speaking. "By that time" refers to an action completed at the indicated time. Example : "I ran back from across the street. By then, the house was fully on fire."

What is the meaning of can can can a can?

A wonderful bird is the pelican, His bill will hold more than his belican. He can take in his beak Food enough for a week, But I'm damned if I see how the helican.

What does have at it mean?

"Have at it" means "give it a try". Another similar colloquialism or idiom would be, "Go ahead, knock yourself out", or "Go for it".

What does ... mean?

It Pauses A Sentence Where It Is And Then It Means It Carries One About Minutes Or Hours Later. For Example If U Went To Bed And You Put ... U Could Carry On With You Being Awake Playing Out Or Something.

What does it mean?

IT stands for Information Technology which has to do withcomputers and programming. 'it' is a term used to identify and highlight an object, idea ortheory that has no gender, and so cannot b referred to as he orshe. most inanimate objects, non physical things (like ideas andthoughts) and sometimes (MORE)

How old is Jacqueline de Romilly?

Jacqueline de Romilly was born on March 26, 1913 and died on December 18, 2010. Jacqueline de Romilly would have been 97 years old at the time of death or 102 years old today.

What does 'I do' mean?

Generally, the phrase "I do" confirms that you perform an indicated action. The idiomatic meaning refers to marriage vows , where the bride and groom reply when asked if they freely consent to marry each other, each saying "I do." After which they are pronounced married ( man and wife ).

What do you mean by 'a'?

There are different ways to define 'a'. For examples, 'a' is: . The first letter of the English alphabet. . A symbol in algebra formulas such as (a+bx15=) . A is an 'article' in the English language. As an article, 'a' denotes one, but not a specific one. The one canbe a person or object. For (MORE)

What does where are you from mean?

That depends on WHO is asking you this. A normal, typical, everyperson, they're just asking where you're from - like, where youactually come from. If the person looks like a gang member, itmeans they're assuming you to be a gang member, and they're askingwhat your gang affiliation is. If you're not (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Romilly Lunge been in?

Romilly Lunge has: Played Jack Robbins in "The Perfect Flaw" in 1934. Played Hugh Romilly in "Road House" in 1934. Performed in "The Clairvoyant" in 1935. Performed in "The Dictator" in 1935. Played Neville Hammond in "While Parents Sleep" in 1935. Played Lt. Tuzenback in "A Woman Alone" in 1936. Pl (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Beatriz Romilly been in?

Beatriz Romilly has: Played Eva Garcia in "The Bill" in 1984. Played Maria Escobar in "Doctors" in 2000. Played Maria Domingues in "Doctors" in 2000. Played Laurence in "The Green Green Grass" in 2005. Performed in "Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures" in 2008. Played Ms Donovan in "Remedy" in 2008. P (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Elizabeth Romilly been in?

Elizabeth Romilly has: Played Dotty in "ITV Sunday Night Drama" in 1959. Played Elizabeth in "Play for Today" in 1970. Played Nancy in "Secrets of a Door-to-Door Salesman" in 1973. Played Audrey in "Leap in the Dark" in 1973. Played Shop Assistant in "Hennessy" in 1975. Performed in "The Sunday Dram (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Romilly Weeks been in?

Romilly Weeks has: Played Herself - Reporter in "ITV News" in 1955. Played Herself - Political Correspondent in "ITV Lunchtime News" in 1988. Played Herself - Presenter in "ITV Lunchtime News" in 1988. Played herself in "Have I Got News for You" in 1990. Played Charlotte Fox in "Into Thin Air: Death (MORE)

What does 'You can do it' mean?

The declarative, "you can do it" means that a person has theknowledge, skills, strenths, patience, or initiative to do orcomplete a course of action. As examples, imagine someone cheeringyou on with "You can do it!" or "I know you can do it! in responseto you telling them you plan to do the followin (MORE)

What has the author Jacqueline de Romilly written?

Jacqueline de Romilly has written: 'The Rise and Fall of States According to Greek Authors (Thomas Spencer Jerome Lectures)' 'L' invention de l'histoire politique chez Thucydide' -- subject(s): Greece Peloponnesian War, 431-404 B.C., Historiography, History, Political and social views 'Nous au (MORE)

What has the author Hugh Romilly Abercrombie written?

Hugh Romilly Abercrombie has written: 'Africa's peril' -- subject(s): Council of Europeans of Africa, Politics and government, Race relations 'The secret history of South Africa; or, Sixty-five years in the Transvaal' -- subject(s): History

What has the author Samuel Romilly Roget written?

Samuel Romilly Roget has written: 'A dictionary of electrical terms, including telegraphy, telephony and wireless' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Electric engineering, Electricity 'Travel in the two last centuries of three generations' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Description and travel 'A fi (MORE)