What does SMS mean in the name of the German naval ship SMS Hagen?

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Seiner Majestät Schiff (English: His Majesty's Ship)
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What is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and isalso called texting or text messaging. SMS messages or 'texts' areusually sent from one mobile phone to another mobile phone. It is aquick and convenient way of sending a short message to someoneanywhere.

What is an SMS server?

Answer . SMS Server allows you to send text, unicode, logos, ringtones, group graphics, picture messages. It also supports 2-way messaging for programming of SMS games and interactive SMS applications. For countries that implement inter-telco barring, SMS Server allows you to route SMS traffic to (MORE)

What is the meaning of 'XD' in an SMS?

The "X" means "cross-eyed" and the "D" means a smile; it's like a really excited face. . It is supposed to be a laughing face; some people say that it will replace the more common term "LOL." . It is a "Smiley" - like :D - but with Manga-style eyes.

What does it mean if her sms are short?

Answer . If your sms should have elicited a long reply, but she sent you a short one instead, then it could mean one of two things, she is not interested in you or, she is not completely sure that she ought to break up with you. If, however, her short sms really give you a complete answer, wi (MORE)

What does sm mean?

Legal definition: The symbol (SM) is used to indicate that a word, phrase, logo or design is treated as a service mark by the party - that is, that the party claims rights in the mark. The mark does not need to be federally registered to use this symbol, unlike the ® symbol.

What does sms messaging mean?

Short Message Service ( SMS ) is a communications protocol allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices . SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application on the planet, with 2.4 billion active users

What does sm mean after a name?

These designations indicate that a person claims rights in a particular trademark or service mark. They do not indicate that the mark has been registered. Even though a mark is not registered, a person claiming ownership may place the "TM" or "SM" designation next to it

What does it mean if a girl send you sms who has told she is not interested in you and doesn't have any intention when she sms you?

She means what she said! She might just want you as a friend, have you never heard of that! Girls and guys can be just friends, i know cos i am girl and have guy friends. Get used to it!. I agree, it means she's not interested in you. But don't worry, I'm sure there are lots of other nice girls out (MORE)

What are the advantages of sms?

Its cheap, reliable, simple, non voice, SMS it connects many people around the world through text messaging social networking website and SMS is more reliable than mobile instant messenger.

What is the meaning of SMS?

Short Message Service ( SMS ) is a communications protocol allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices . SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application on the planet, with 2.4 billion active users

What is SMS charges?

The phrase "SMS charges" refers to additional charges for textmessages. If you don't have a messaging plan as part of your cellphone plan, you could be charged additional SMS charges.

What is the meaning of the sms?

SMS stand For Smart messaging service. Correct Answer . SMS stands for Short Message Service or Short Messaging Service (see related link)

What is correct - a sms or an sms?

"An sms" is correct. In the English language "an" is used when the next word begins with a vowel or with a word which has phonetically vowel sound.. Ex.- An MBA

What is sms and what device uses sms?

SMS is an abbreviation which stand for SMS Messaging Service. SMS is mostly use by Telecommunication companies.. The correct expanded definition of SMS is Short Message Service or Short Messaging Service . (See Related Link Below).

Who is SM Lockridge?

Shadrach Meshach Lockridge was born March 7, 1913, in Robertson County, Texas, the oldest of eight children and the son of a Baptist minister. A graduate of Bishop College in Marshall, Texas, he worked for two years as a high school English teacher. In 1940 in Dallas, he felt led to preach. In 1941 (MORE)

What does ily sm mean?

it actually means two things i love you- ily so much-sm orrrr...... i lack yearly - ily so much-sm so there you go!

What does SMS text mean?

It means a text containing only words and no pictures or video.. "SMS" stands for Short Messaging Service. Generally 160 characters or less.

How can i get sms?

It's easy to get sms from webs here is many sites on net about this You can get new and interesting messages about any topic from this web http://www.sms97.com

What does SMS mean on a Verizon phone?

Regardless of carrier, SMS stands for Short Messaging System. It is basically the general text messaging system, sending a text message from one mobile phone to another. An SMS text is a text message that is simply a text message, as opposed to a picture or video message. (Those are MMS messages: Mu (MORE)

In sms fittings what is sms stands for?

In simple terms of SMS is Short Massage Service and in this competitive times this one really effective tools for marketing and most of the business owners know the powers of this marketing campaign and effective tools to improve their sales and at the same time keep their actual customers updated a (MORE)

Sms stand for what?

SMS stands for 'Short Messaging Service' and just in case you were wondering, MMS stands for 'Multimedia Messaging Service'. !

What is a sms union?

Sms union is a fitting use in the parmacitical or food product. Sms is one of the standard use.

What is SMS payment?

SMS payment is a new way to pay your bills with SMS from yourmobiles. This is highly efficient and secure method. Mobile penetration is high in rural andurban areas. If we need to reach to maximum of mobile populationSMS banking is a good option. Through SMS banking a person cantransfer cash to an (MORE)

What does sm mean in sex?

In the context of human sexuality, the acronym SM (also S&M or S/M) means sadomasochism , the receiving of sexual pleasure from acts involving pain and/or humiliation.

What does sm mean on the song sm?

For the Rihanna song? S&M? Well it means two things. 1. Sex and Money. 2. For S:sadism is pleasure in infliction of pain or humiliation upon another person. For M:masochism is pleasure in receiving the pain.

What does the medical abbreviation sm mean?

It is most often used as an abbreviation for small. If it is written in all caps then it could be an acronym for Systolic Murmur (heart murmur) or perhaps for Simple Mastectomy if in the context of surgery.

What does split sms texts mean?

Most of the mobile phones allow for text messages of 144 to 160 characters only. If you type a longer sms, it allows you to type it as one text, but the receiver gets it split into multiple messages. The breaking up of long texts that your phone does, is splitting sms text. Hope this helps. T (MORE)

What is NutriPex SM?

the "SM" is simply a trademark used by the company. NutriPex is a weight loss supplement sold by NutriMedical Wellness and Weight Loss Institute.

What does sms in sms messaging stand for?

The abbreviation sms is very popular although most do not know what this abbreviation stands for. SMS stands for short messages and can include text messages and instant messages.

What does sms mean in gay personal ads?

I think it stands for sado-masochistic sex which is sex were one person plays the dominant role who inflicts pain on the other person (the masochist). The masochist enjoys feeling paint.

What does sm in knitting mean?

It means 'slip marker', as when knitting and you come to the marker, you move it from the left needle to the right, to keep your place

What is sms for the iPhone?

iMessage lets you send messages back and forth with anyone on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Send photos, videos, locations, and contacts, too.

What is transactional sms?

Transitional SMS is used by company for sending information to their register employes and customers such as travel schedules, ticket booking, stock market tips and parents or guardians with six digit company sender ID that is approved by TRAI. Generally transactional SMS can be used by . Registe (MORE)

What is deskop sms?

It is an application that use internet to connect to a sms gateway for sending and receiving sms.

What does sms mean in texting language?

SMS stands for short message service. If it's showing up at the beginning or end of a message it probably is just telling you it's a SMS and not a MMS- Multimedia Messaging Service.

What does the SMS in Titanic mean?

sms stands for short message service, the last sms sent from the titanic read "hlp we r snkn :( hit n icebrg lol" this translates to plain english as "we require assistance, we are taking on water, we had a collision with an iceberg".

What is fullform sms?

It stands for 'Short Message Service'... Texts are sent in short 'blocks' of 160 characters. When you send a message longer than that, the system 'chops' it up into 160 character pieces.

What is the meaning of sm?

Sy - Mao Tse Tung , is the real meaning of SM .. Harold Fulo wasthe one who really conceptualized the idea but Henry Sy stole it. -Sgt. Jim Rivera together with Captain Paje Ramos, Sgt. AL Morales ,Patrolman Kervin Tumibay tried arresting Harold Fulo for his crazyideas..but he escaped together with (MORE)

What is the meaning behind Hindi SMS?

The letters SMS are an acronym for "short message service" and Hindi SMS is a site that offers jokes and ideas that are directed to SMS messaging in Hindi. There appears to be numerous sites with ideas for Hindi SMS.

What is sms in you phone?

SMS (Short Message Service)is the text messaging component of a cellular mobile phone; allows cellphones to send or recieve text messages

What does the SMS in Picture SMS stand for?

Under the assumption that you mean MMS, it is Multimedia Message Service, when one sends a video, audio or image to someone through their mobile phone. SMS is short for Short Message Service and is what we know as a text.

What does estimate each sm or difference mean?

In arithmetic, estimate usually means rounding the numbers so they're easier to manipulate. Example: Estimate the sum of 432 and 267. You can round them to 430 and 270 and estimate the sum as 700. You could also round them to 400 and 300 and estimate the same total. To estimate a difference, just su (MORE)