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What does Shel mean in Hebrew?

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shel (של) is the Hebrew word for "of"
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What does rabbi mean in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for Rabbi is rahv (רב) which means "master". The English word Rabbi actually comes from the Hebrew word rahbi (רבי) which means "my master". Teacher
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What is the meaning of the poem titled Where the sidewalk ends by Shel silversten?

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What does Yeh mean in Hebrew?

Yeh=part of the phrase Ehyeh asher Ehyeh; meaning "Was, Am, Will Be" signifying "existence", depending on third, second, or first person view also part of the true sacred name (MORE)

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What does mean Barack mean in Hebrew?

Baraq (בָּרָק) means "lightning." But President Obama's name is not related to this word. It's related to the Hebrew word Baruch (בָּרוּךְ) which means "blesse (MORE)

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What does the Hebrew name Kenan mean?

Kenan is a biblical Hebrew name that possibly means "Possession". The biblical character was a son of Enosh and a great-grandson of Adam. It is spelled קינן Furthermore, K (MORE)