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What does Shel mean in Hebrew?

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shel (של) is the Hebrew word for "of"
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What does the name David mean in hebrew?

David (???) means "beloved"

What does the name Job mean in Hebrew?

אִיּוֹב ('Iyyov) means persecuted or hated

What is the meaning of the poem titled Where the sidewalk ends by Shel silversten?

Before reading this answer, you must remember that when you are trying to find meaning in a poem, or any piece of literature for that matter, answers are subjective. There is

What does the Hebrew word tel means?

"Tel" is the Hebrew word for mound, or hill. There are many places in Israel that are Tel "something", like Tel Aviv, Tel HaShomer, Tel Hai, etc.

What does Fred mean in Hebrew?

Fred is not a Hebrew word, therefore there is no meaning to it in the Hebrew language. It is written in Hebrew as follows: פרד.

What does Hebrew mean?

Real AnswerThe truth is that know one knows. The Hebrew word for Hebrew is 'ivri (עברי) which may come from the Hebrew word ever (עבר), which means "beyond". The signif

What is the meaning of clooney the clown by Shel Silverstein?

There really is no meaning of Clooney the Clown. It's just a funny poem. I can't tell you how Shel Silverstein himself felt when he wrote this poem, but I did it for a speech

What does the Hebrew name Kenan mean?

Kenan is a biblical Hebrew name that possibly means "Possession". The biblical character was a son of Enosh and a great-grandson of Adam. It is spelled קינן Furthermore, K