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Sugoi means "awesome"
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Watashi no nihongo sugoi ja nai dewa arimasen desu?

The sentence is wrong both grammar-wise and meaning-wise. We have three different things here, 'ja nai' , 'de WA arimasen' and 'desu'. "Ja nai" is casual speaking for 'am/is/a

What is the meaning of sugoi yo anatano nihongo. ummai ummai nande daro?

'Sugoi yo anata no nihongo' translates literally to 'It's great your Japanese (language)' , 'umai umai nande darou' could mean 'delicious delicious what is it I wonder?' .. no

What types of clothing does SUGOI sell?

Sugoi sells clothing suitable for outdoor sports such as running, cycling and triathlon. They have a wide range of clothing available to suit the needs of the people that part

Where can one go to shop for Sugoi clothing?

Sugoi has their own online store. This would be the best place to get the latest fashions of Sugoi clothing and probably some great bargains and discounts.

What actors and actresses appeared in Wakakute warukute sugoi koitsura - 1962?

The cast of Wakakute warukute sugoi koitsura - 1962 includes: Caston Tomio Aoki as Gaikotsu Fumiko Arita as Tamaki Mimura William Gould as O. H. Smith Akinori Hanamura Ryoji H