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Natural resources, privacy, profitability, and tradition are what Suriname values. The commitment to natural resources may be seen in the Republic's respect for its vast, pristine rainforests. Private and public decisions about ecotourism and resource exploitation are made after careful, serious, thorough deliberation.

The Republic's commitment to privacy may be identified by the undeveloped communication and transportation networks between Suriname and its neighbors. In fact, the easiest way to access the country is along the coast. The Surinamese traditionally are more connected to the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean islands, and the Netherlands than they are to their own South American neighbors.

The commitment to profitability may be found in the continuous, unhindered presence of Suralco in Suriname since 1916. The company is an Alcoa subsidiary. Its operations remain unaffected despite the political upheavals of autonomy, independence and military rule.

Suriname's commitment to tradition may be evidenced in the flourishing of immigrant and native cultures and languages alongside of the dominant Dutch colonial and linguistic influences. Specifically, Holi Phagwa honors the Hindu community, Good Friday and Easter Sunday the Christian, Eid al-Fitr the Muslim, and Abolition of Slavery the Maroon.
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