What does Te Anau mean in Maori?

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Some think it is the name of a Maori chief who lived in the area; others believe it is a shortened form of Te Ana-au, meaning "cave of swirling water current" (since there are such caves on the lakeshore).
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What does te mean?

"Te" means "you" or "your" it depends on the sentence and the way it is used. If you can give me an example, I can differentiate the two meanings for you.

What does of mean in maori?

'Of'. Ngati Kahungunu (descendant of Kahungunu). Te whare o Tama - the house of Tama.. Te ngeru a Mere - the cat of Mere.

What is the translation of the Maori phrase e te iwi e?

People. Iwi means People. 'E' is what you start a sentence with when referring to a person. E.g. e hine (girl), e Mere (Mary).. Note: This only happens with words of two syllables or less. The 'e' is not spoken if the word has three or more syllables. E.g. Rawiri (David), Katarina (Katherine).. Th (MORE)

What does maori mean?

The word 'māori' (the macron over the 'a' denoting a long vowel sound or else spelt 'maaori' to again ensure correct pronounciation) simply means: 1. (stative) be native, indigenous, normal, usual, natural, common, fresh (of water), belonging to Aotearoa/New Zealand, freely, without restraint (MORE)

What does Te amo Te Quiero mean?

Both te amo and te quiero mean I love you. Te quiero is used for friends and relatives, te amo is used for your significant other.

What is Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori?

If you're looking for the Maori - English translation, it means 'Maoi Language Week' If you actually wanted to know what it is...it's just an occasion, mainly just celebrated by New Zealand. We celebrate Maori language/culture/ect the whole week...There are special competitions nationwide, (MORE)

Maori numbers translate to te reo maori?

1= Tahi 2= Rua 3= Toru 4= Wha 5= Rima 6= Ono 7= Whitu 8= Waru 9= Iwa 10= Tekau 11= Tekau ma Tahi 12= Tekau ma Rua 13= Tekau ma Toru 14= Tekau ma Wha 15= Tekau ma Rima 16= Tekau ma Ono 17= Tekau ma Whitu 18= Tekau ma Waru 19= Tekau ma Iwa 20= Rua Tekau

What is the best way to start a speech on the Te Anau glow worm caves?

Get the audience in suspense, or excitement. Start with saying something like. a place that would be dark, except for the light emanating from small clusters on the walls. A place that living lamps call home. The Te Anau glow worm caves are truly a wonder. . Sorry. I'm not the public speaking type (MORE)

What does ma te atua e manaaki e kapai wahine mean it is Maori language?

The first section is already answered by others. 'Ma te Atua e manaaki' means 'May God cherish and take care of you". The second part is a very confused use of Maori, which is unclear and not gramatical. It doesn't relate at all to the first part of the phrase. The 'e' is usually used as a gramatica (MORE)

Ko te waka mean in maori?

In which context, please? Because it can translate as 'that (specific) canoe', but there are a lot of less literal (and probably more relevant) alternatives.

What does aria mean in maori?

Aria in modern Maori means. . . "Aria" as in the solo vocal piece, often with musical accompaniment. Ariā has other meanings = likeness, resemblance, notion, idea, concept, theory, feeling, the visible material emblem of an atua . The "Ariā" however were symbols [picto-graphs] which represe (MORE)

What does iwi maori mean?

Iwi Maori means the Maori Tribes. There are many 'tribes' of people in NZ who descend from a common ancestor and/or come from a common waka (one of the canoes which brought the original maori to NZ from their homeland - Hawaiiki). Some of the most well-known Iwi (tribes) are: Nga Puhi, Ngati Whatua, (MORE)

What does the maori word Turehu mean?

A Turehu is a term which is not commonly used nowadays due to the large mixing of races. However in the olden days to maori when a child who is born relatively fair compared to the rest of the whanau (family), he/she is called a Turehu because there is no explanation for his pale appearance. He/she (MORE)

What does enohora mean in maori?

E noho ra (written as three separate words) means goodbye to someone you are leaving. I.e, you are leaving your nana's house, and she is staying at her house, but you are going somewhere else, then you would say 'e noho ra.' If you were staying and you were saying goodbye to someone who is leaving t (MORE)

In Maori what does marae mean?

A marae is like a church or a town hall in aotearoa (new Zealand) although not so much important now as before the pākihā came to nz. It is tapu (sacride). Pākihā are not aloud on the marea with out first being welcomed onto it which is a big prosese which I won't go into. The word marae (MORE)

What does Te dijo te amo mean?

I told you I love you. "Te dijo te amo" is a Spanish sentence which simply means: "He saidto You( a third person) - I love You."

What is August in te reo maori?

August - Akuhata :) Akuhata is the transliteration from English... some traditional names for August: Kaiwaka Here turi kōkā Māngere (which also means idle)

What does avondale mean in maori?

I don't think they've made an official translation yet :) Just make something up, like, AWHONETARE... lmao :D hope it helps :) PS: please don't take it offensively ;)

What does te whariki mean in maori?

Te Whariki translates to English as "the carpet" - it is the name of the framework used in New Zealand for learning and development in early childhood. -Danny Crook

What does te piki mean in English from maori?

pīki (loan) (stative) big - a word used in colloquial speech usually placed before the word it modifies. . piki (loan) (noun) fig, fig tree, Ficus carica . Nā, ka toru aku tau i haere mai ai ahau ki te rapu hua i tēnei piki , ā kāhore ahau i kite (Ma 1841, wh2). Now, for (MORE)

What does kotero mean in Maori?

It is a daughter because instead of saying there name or daughter just say Kotero plus it is easy for people to say if there Maori. By the way I was just saying.

What does te hana mean in maori?

I'm pretty sure hana means warmth or radiance but i don't know what te is. . Te means ' The' . Evidently another meaning of Te Hana is sparkling or shining.

What does greenstone mean to maori?

Pounamu is considered by Maori to be a Taonga or treasure; it has huge spiritual and technological importance to Maori. It was valuable material to the Maori, for it could be fashioned into usable tools. It was treasured for its hardness, its beauty and significance on many cultural levels.

What does paka mean in maori?

Pak a has many different meanings: . a box . a park . the dock in a court . a pack, packet or container . to be reddish-brown or chestnut-colour . to be scorched . to be dried or baked . scraps, dried food . a ship It is also used as a very mild curse or swear-word, based on English "b (MORE)

What does Te Anau mean in English?

The Maoris of Southland always pronounce Te Anau as "Te Ana u". The name Te Anau has been translated in several ways-" uneven surface", "long view", "lake of many arms", "water current in a cave"; however the lake is in actual fact called after Te Anau, a granddaughter of Hekeia, whose name is best (MORE)

What does the name Te Aorangi mean in maori?

Using a literal translation it would be The Skyworld. Te meaning The. Ao is 'World'. Rangi meaning sky. In Te Reo sentences are commonly in the wrong order depending on how it sounds. So if I got asked what Te Aorangi meant , I'd just say The Skyworld.

What does tried mean in Maori?

Try= Ngana You must try to succed, and leave your doubts behind= Me ngana koe ki te eke panuku, me te waiho ou hara ki mua. Tried= I ngana ahau= I tried

What is the meaning of the maori word Te Mawhai?

There are multiple meaning, to find your meaning use the definition that best fits the context: 1. is/was wavy, curly. 2. is a plant parasitic on herbs and shrubs forming tangled masses with stems yellowish green, 3m long. Found in northern North Island. 3.is/was a spider web. 4.is/was a fishi (MORE)

What is the word rock in te maori?

Toka is a word meaning boulder, rock or large stone. Kōwhatu means stone or rock and is a noun. Kāmaka also means stone or rock and is a noun.