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What does Westpac mean in the NaVY?

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It is an approximately six month long deployment by a navy ship in the WESTern PACific.
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What does the E mean in Navy SEAL?

It stands for the E in Sea. Making Sea,Air,Land into SEAL instead of SAL. They are named after an actuall Seal which is mainly comfortable and is most functional in Water just

What does SDG3 US NAVY mean?

I haven't heard that term when relating to the US Navy. But in the  Royal Navy SDG is a scubadiver

What does PS SN mean in Navy?

SN is the rank of the sailor, indicating that they are an E-3 or Seaman. PS is the specialty that they are striking for. PS stands for Personnel Specialist, a rating that wo

What does CGN mean in Navy designations?

cruiser guided-missle nuclear it is a type of a ship. It is a nuclear-powered, guided-missle cruiser, such as the USS Virginia CGN-38.

What does the navy classification cvs mean?

CVS is the hull designation for an Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Carrier. Originally introduced during the Cold War, they are used for ASW operations. The aircraft they employ