What does Westpac mean in the NaVY?

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It is an approximately six month long deployment by a navy ship in the WESTern PACific.
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What does the E mean in Navy SEAL?

It stands for the E in Sea. Making Sea,Air,Land into SEAL instead of SAL. They are named after an actuall Seal which is mainly comfortable and is most functional in Water just

In the Navy what does LEO mean?

The two meanings I have heard are, mostly commonly, Law Enforcement Officer, and less commonly, Low Earth Orbit.

What does PS SN mean in Navy?

SN is the rank of the sailor, indicating that they are an E-3 or Seaman. PS is the specialty that they are striking for. PS stands for Personnel Specialist, a rating that wo

What does invalied from the navy mean?

It means that they were discharged by the navy. The reason is that they were unable to perform their duties for health reasons. This could be a terrible wound, say the loss
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What is meaning of navy?

"Navy" is derived from the Latin word "Naves" which means "ship." This was used during the first century BC
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How do you sign in to Westpac?

You can sign in to the Westpac Online Banking website by clicking the red "Sign In" button in the top right corner. Enter in your Customer ID and Password to proceed.