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What does a beaver eat?

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They eat tree bark and the soft tissue, called cambium that lies beneath the bark. Trees they seem especially fond of are willows, maples, poplars, beeches, birches, alders , and aspens. They also eat water vegetation, as well as water lilies and various berries.
also beavers really like to eat the tree trunks and the whole tree parts (except leaves). Beaver are rodents, and as such do not eat meat. They exist on the tender inner bark of young trees that live near the water where they live.
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Do beavers eat wood?

A beaver is a large rodent, or gnawing animal. Like all other rodents, the beaver has four chisel-shaped front teeth called "incisors". It is with these teeth that it cuts tre

What eats beaver?

a wolf eats a beaver.    source= science daily     Check that out for more information

Can you eat beavers?

Apparently some people do. Just type in "recipes for beaver meat" in a search engine and you'll see what I mean. If you are so inclined, you can bbq, stew, roast and deep fry

When do beavers eat?

Most of the beaver's diet is made up of tree bark and cambium, the soft tissue that grow under the bark of a tree. They especially like the bark of willow, maple, birch, aspen

Why do beavers eat?

  Beavers are known for their large chains of fast food. By opening restaurants throughout the country, they are able to maintain a viable beaver economy. If beavers did n

Do beavers really eat other beavers?

No. Beavers help each other out. Like if there is a predator around they slap their tails on the water to warn other beavers to get to safety.