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A belt clip is often used to hold electronic devices, such as a cell phone or PDA. It allows you to carry the device with you, and to have your hands free.
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Where can you buy a seat belt extension clip for a CRV Honda?

It's not clear exactly what is being referred to - - the safety restraints of all vehicles are designed and manufacturred to meet strict government standards, therefore, it wo

How do you replace 1995 ford aerostar xlt mini van driver side seat belt clip broke How do you fix it?

I think you have to replace the entire right side of the seat belt. A new one costs $90-$100 from the dealer. It will come complete with the belt, clip, floor mount and specia

What can I attach to a belt clip?

Belt clips are usually used to hold electronic devices. People often use belt clips to protect their cellular phone from falling and hitting the ground.
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What are the popular brands for belt clips?

There are a number of belt clip brands available on the market; Garmin, Motorola, OtterBox, Kenwood, and Kel Tec are all popular brands. In addition to these, AT&T, Verizon, S
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Where can I purchase a replacement belt clip?

First, you need to provide what device the belt clip replacement is needed for. Then you can look it up online and purchase it from an online company such as Amazon.com or the

What types of belt clips will best secure a smartphone to your belt?

Tough belt clips for smartphones are essential in many industries. There are certain phone accessory companies that specalize in such devices, one of which is Rugged Equipment