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A belt clip is often used to hold electronic devices, such as a cell phone or PDA. It allows you to carry the device with you, and to have your hands free.
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What is a bridge clip?

Bridging Clips are used to connect adjacent IDC style connections on a 66 punchdown block. When the clips are installed it completes the circuit.

What is clipping path?

A Clipping Path is a vector path or shape that is used in  Photoshop or other image editing software.   It lets you help to isolating an object from its background.

What is a clip on a microscope?

The stage clip hold the the specimen slide firmly on the stage and is needed if the microscope is tilted.

What is a hunter clip?

  Horses grow long coats in winter. Horses that are ridden or worked can become overheated very fast so it is usual to cut off most of this excessive hair. This is called

What is Clip gallery?

  The Clip Gallery Contains wide variety of Pictures, Photograps, Sound, and Video Clips that are ready for you to insert and use in your presentations.

What is stage clip?

  stage clip a shiny sclip on top of a stage which holds the slide in a place.

What is clipped dialog?

A form of dialogue (sometime found in movies; eg. The Thing - original) where the actors lines are sometimes cross-talk and/or overlapping.

What is exterior clipping?

. Interior and exterior clipping interior clipping what is to be saved is inside the clip window exterior clipping what is to be saved is outside clip window Interior clipping

What is a filshie clip?

Filshie clips are small titainium clips that are a half inch long and about an eighth inch wide. The are placed on fallopian tubes to "tie" the tubes and achieve sterility. Th

What is a paper clip?

  A paper clip (or sometimes paperclip) is a device which holds several sheets of paper together by means of pressure: it leaves the paper intact and can be quickly and ea

What is clip on ammeter?

These are usually small circular gauges with a clip on the back. When clipped onto an electric cable, usually from the dynamo or alternator, it shows the amperage being char

What is alligator clip?

  In electronics, alligator clips are used to temporarily hold connections together for testing or soldering. Very often, these clips will have a vinyl insulator (boot).

What is clipping in graphics?

There are several things that can be associated with clipping: clipping mask which refers that something is clipped inside defined area which can be in Photoshop vector object