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A big Adam's apple means the guy has a deep voice.
The Adam's apple changes in size throughout puberty. When a boy is growing into a youth - his neck grows long and thin, and his Adam's apple grows also. Because their is little fat or muscle at this stage to hide it - it looks huge. However, as the youth grows into a man, his neck 'fills out' thus looking less long, and his Adam's apple gets hidden.
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Was Adam's sin eating an apple?

It was Eve who first sinned by eating a fruit (often called an  apple) from the tree of knowledge (it was Satan in the form of a  serpent that convinced her to take the frui

What is your Adam's Apple?

  Answer   The slight projection at the front of the throat formed by the largest cartilage of the larynx, usually more prominent in men than in women.   [Ultimat

What is the medical term meaning Adam's apple?

The "Adam's apple" is another name for the thyroid  cartilage, a piece of hard tissue that covers part of the  windpipe.    The scientific name is Prominentia Larynga

How do you get Adam's apple?

The Adam's apple appears when the thyroid cartilage in your neck increases in size. This occurs due to the effects of testosterone, and is associated with male puberty. The th

What is Adam's apple for?

An Adam's apple is part of the larynx or voice box. When going through puberty, hormones cause the larynx to grow rapidly. Along with the bulge in the neck, the voice becomes

Why do we have an Adam's apple?

Well, only men get Adams Apple but U don't get it when your still small age of when it happens depends on the person thing It's good cos so then when your on the phone you'll

Why do we get an Adam's apple?

Men generally have a deeper voice than women and to accomodate for this difference, their voice box, which is referred to as the Adam's Apple in men, has more muscles in it, t

Does an Adam's apple mean that a man's voice is done maturing?

No and yes. An Adams apple is just a term for the the bump on men's, teens, and some preteens throats. It develops when the boy or preteen goes through puberty. Some teens get
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What does it mean when a girls Adam's apple sticks out?

When a girls Adam's apple is larger than many other girls, her voice will be deeper but it is really is normal that some will have one a little bigger than some others.
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What is an Adam's Apple who has it?

An Adam's Apple is not an organ or gland, as many assume; it's merely a protuberance (bump) on the throat caused by the largest cartilage of the larynx. It is not, as often st