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What does a dishwasher get paid at olive garden?

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I get 10.25 hour
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What do employees at Olive Garden get paid?

servers, bussers and bartenders only get minimum wage because they get tips. People who work in the kitchen usually make around $12-15/hour depending on how long they've been

How much Olive Garden get paid?

Depends what position you're applying for and what state you live in. In Montana as a hostess you start at $10 an hour. Where as servers get min. wage but make bank in tips. S

Why is olive garden named olive garden?

The Olive Garden chain of Italian-American restaurants was founded  by General Mills Inc. which later spun off their restaurant  division into Darden Concepts Inc. There is

Does Olive Garden deliver?

No, Olive Garden does not deliver. They offer a curbside pickup where you can call your order in ahead and pick it up at the restaurant.

What should you eat at olive garden?

Olive Garden is a restaurant that makes Italian cuisine available to a customer. With selections on the menu ranging from $5.95 to $30, there is a dish for everyone. Whether y

Where do they have olive garden?

Olives are grown in warm areas. Southern Italy, California are two places where you can find olives. The trees are rather pretty with a silver green leaf.