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What does a dual voltage power supply do?

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It convert 220v or 115 to -12v and +12v by using many components and step down transformer.
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What is the function of power supply connector?

On a desk top, it connects power from the outlet on the wall to the power supply in the computer. On a laptop. It converts the mains AC power at high voltage to a low voltage

What must you match when purchasing a power supply?

The equipments power requirements, and the mains voltage. The output of the power supply must be able to deliver the correct voltage to the equipment, at the appropriate watta

What is dual voltage operation?

Dual voltage operation means the unit which has that feature can be operated with one of two voltages. This is a feature that may lend itself to marketing a PC in another coun

What is the nominal supply voltage?

The term, 'nominal', simply means 'named'. For example, the nominal supply voltage for a residence in the UK is 230 V. But this doesn't mean that the actual supply voltage is

What is regulated power power supply?

is an embedded circuit or stand alone unit the function of which is to supply a stable voltage to a circuit or device that must be operated within certain power supply limits

Characteristics of power supply?

what the characteristic of power supply? Ans: The electronic part of the Audine camera requires a +/-15V symmetrical power supply. Consumption is 30 mA for the positive volta
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What are the parts of power supply?

The cover, disk drive connectors, motherboard connectors, the input voltage selector, power supply fan, and the Power Plug receptacle.   Hope this helps

Dual power supply?

Dual power supply is used to describe a computer system with two  power supply units (PSU's). This is to provide extra power for the  computer's internal components.