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What does a dual voltage power supply do?

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It convert 220v or 115 to -12v and +12v by using many components and step down transformer.
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What is a 13.2 Voltage power supply used for?

It can be used for anything with a nominal 12 v requirement. In  cars everything runs on a nominal voltage of 12 v but is designed  to run on 13.8 v which is the voltage whe

What is ripple voltage in 12 volt power supply?

A: Ripple is a residual voltage evident as voltage following the AC input frequency. The ripple magnitude is a function of not enough of both filtering capacitance or overload

What do you Mean dual tracking power supply?

It's a power supply with a positive and negative voltage, where one of the voltages tracks the other. For example: the negative voltage tracks the positive. If you regulate th

Why is 5 volts DC used as a voltage in a power supply?

The circuit designer typically picks a family of devices to implement the functionality of the circuit. The devices will fall into a range of voltages. Many integrated circuit

What voltages are supplies by the power supply on your system?

  The power supply in a PC is a complex device using switch mode circuitry and transformers to generate +and- 12v, for modems and communications ports. +and-5volts for the

Dual power supply?

Dual power supply is used to describe a computer system with twopower supply units (PSU's). This is to provide extra power for thecomputer's internal components.