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Fire department connections are actually used in fire sprinkler systems.When any fire occurs water is discharged from the sprinkler heads that have fused, and are discharging water to supress and extinguish the fire. The fire department connection is used by the fire department to add to the water supply to the sprinklers and/or charge the interior hydrant connection withn the building (if any).
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What is the maximum distance a Fire Department Connection can be away from a fire hydrant?

The FDC and hydrant aren't something that connect directly together. In order to put any kind of water pressure into a sprinkler system, an engine HAS to pump it in. Therefore

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How many fire sprinkler heads are needed for a fire department connection to be installed?

In the past the FDC was optional. NFPA 13: Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems now requires the connection except for systems of 20 sprinkler heads or less, or
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