What does a mucivore eat?

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A mucivore eats mucus or sap from plants. Mucivores are usually insects.

Are you what you eat?

Answer . You're all that 'n' a bag o' chips. You are what you eat, and of course a whole lot more. I think the saying is meant to emphasize that your diet can have a profo

What not to eat?

Don't eat junk food. Always drink water over other options. Birds and seafood are healthier than other meats. Try not to eat sugary cereal. Also eat healthy snacks like fruit

What will eat you?

Snakes, lions, tigers, vultures , and mainly big carnivores.

They eat you?

Lions eat you. Tigers eat you. Dogs lick you. Cats lick you. Humans lick you. You eat potatos.
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What do you eat with?

We (humans) can eat with utensils our hands, our mouth (with our teeth, tongue, salivary glands, etc.) and any other way to get food into our bodies.
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Do you eat?

yes,because your alive
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Will not eat?

In general, an animal won't eat if it either isn't hungry or for whatever reason is too sick or injured to eat. This is typically a medical problem that will need a veterinari
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How do they eat it?

well they will first either cut it up in pieces or eat it wholethen they pick the food up and take a bite in to it.