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What does a negative kurtosis mean?

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It means distribution is flater then [than] a normal distribution and if kurtosis is positive[,] then it means that distribution is sharper then [than] a normal distribution. Normal (bell shape) distribution has zero kurtosis.
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Can mean be negative?

Yes, the mean can be negative if the numbers being averaged are  negative. For example, if you are averaging temperatures and all of  the temperatures are below zero, your a

What is kurtosis?

  I will answer your question in a couple of ways.   First as a concept:   Kurtosis is a measure of whether the data are peaked or flat relative to a normal distribu

Define skewness and kurtosis?

Skewness is a measure of symmetry, or more precisely, the lack of symmetry. A distribution, or data set, is symmetric if it looks the same to the left and right of the center

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It's just a way of saying no. So if you ask a question and somebody tells you "Negative ghost rider.", they're just saying no. They got it from the movie Top Gun.

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What does kurtosis serve?

In probability theory and statistics, kurtosis (from the Greek word κυρτός, kyrtos or kurtos, meaning bulging) is a measure of the "peakedness" of the probability distri

What does it mean to have a negative heat of solution?

Negative heat of solution means the process if exothermic. More bonds and/or stronger bonds were made compared to the amount of bonds broken. Positive heat oof solution is the

What does a negative z score mean?

It means that it is less than the mean.

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It means that the person being tested has basically passed the drug test.

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It becomes less negative To explain. Lets take a negative, eg -5. If we decrease it by 1, it becomes -6 (where 1 is positive) Thus if we decrease it by -1, it becomes -4 (as t

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  Negging is a term used by pick up artists such as in the book "The Game" and "The Mystery Method". It means to insult a girl playfully to increase her interest in you.

What is the between skewness and kurtosis?

While skewness is the measure of symmetry, or if one would like to be more precise, the lack of symmetry, kurtosis is a measure of data that is either peaked or flat relative
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