What does a rabbit get when he walks in the rain?

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Can you Walk a rabbit?

You can walk one if you buy a special harness and leash for rabbits from a pet store. Some rabbits like being walked, but some don't (like my rabbit). I walk my rabbits with

Do rabbits live in a rain forest?

yes, most people would say that its highly impossible for a rabbit to live in a rainforest but im doing a report on the harpy eagle wich only live in rainforests and they ea

Do rabbits live in rain forests?

No! In a rainforest it is to hot for the rabbits to live. It is too hot and also too wet. It just isn't their habitat at all!

Can rabbits go outside in the rain?

In my rabbits run, i have a plastic sheet over the top of half of it, and sometimes i even put the little hutch in my run. So i can put them out in the rain.

What does rain forest rabbit eat?

Watermelon and KFC. the stuff in the forest i think and does any one know what introspective by nature mean and also there is no rule to which there is no exception nor any t

Do you keep your rabbit in the hutch when it rains?

Yes. It's perfectly fine to leave your rabbits in their hutch when it rains. However, you can bye covers to go over the hutch if you want them to be even more protected. - Thi

Do rabbits like rain?

No, rabbits prefer to stay dry and warm. They will be shocked if they are outside in the rain. They will start shivering in the corner of their cage. Keep your rabbits inside
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What do rabbits do while it's raining?

Wild rabbits, will stay in their burrows until the rain stops. If the rain goes on for a long time, they will dig for succulent roots. They don't need water. The roots are fil
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Does rabbits get sick in the rain?

Yes, rabbits can get sick when they get wet, especially if the weather is on the cool side, and ESPECIALLY if it's windy or drafty. If your rabbit lives outside, make sure its
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What to do if it is raining and your rabbit lives outside?

If at all possible, you should try to bring it in for a while until the weather clears up. If you can't bring it in, try to provide a solid hiding place for it (ie. not a card