What does a seed tick look like on human skin?

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Ticks have four stages of development: egg, larvae, nymph and adult. "Seed tick" is the slang term for the larval stage. SO a seed tick is not species differentiated. The following link has a picture of all 4 phases.
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White spot on dog's skin it looks like human spot. its white. i think it is tick but its under the skin and there are 2 black dots on it like small legs or something. what is it and how to get rid?

If you are greatly concerned about the dog, take him to the vet.For a home treatment, take a pair od electric clippers and shave asmall area around the spot. Using betadine, c

What do seed ticks look like?

after getting swarmed with "seed ticks" yesterday, unfortunately i can answer this. they look like tiny seeds, you know those little black (closer to brown or red) grass seeds

What to do for tick under skin of human?

If the tick has parts of its body burrowed under the skin, the best way to remove it would be to carefully hold a lit match up to the site of the tick. Most likely it will rem

Do dog ticks go to human skin?

They can i your not careful to take them off you either need to burn them off or pick them off with a needle. The answer is yes. A tick is a tick and you are a mammal, so i

What happens if a tick is found in human skin?

Ticks can carry a couple of diseases, so it should be removed at the first reasonable opportunity. The bite side should be inspected for discoloration, swelling or itchiness a

In human form what does a werewolves skin look like?

The skin of a werewolf in human-form very much resembles that of the skin of a normal human. A werewolf's skin (in any form) becomes extremely irritated upon contact with garl
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Ticks under human skin?

Ouch! Put a cup of bleach in with the water in your bathtub and soak in the water for 20 minutes. If you follow the above advice, you will likely have a reaction from over-c
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Can ticks get under human skin?

yes and they suck your blood so if you have them or tateworms who do the same thing the get them out of you as soon as possible
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What does a tick look like on a dogs skin?

a tick on a dogs skin looks like a little brown dot under its fur. but you have to watch it carefully to see if it wiggles a little bit or else you could mistake it for a frec