What does a t-bar shoe look like?

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school sandal in UK
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What do salsa shoes look like?

Girls: Your shoe need to have a heel of 2 inches. It need to have a suede of leather sole. This allow you to glide nicely across the dance floor. The shoe shouldn't be too chu

What does a lacrosse shoe look like?

A lacrosse shoe is very similar to a football cleat, but has a different cleat shape to promote speed. They are often lighter than other types of cleats.

What do the shoes Gladiators look like?

If you mean gladiator sandals then they are just a basic sole with many straps all over the foot going from one side of the sole to the other and with many straps going up to

What did the first pointe shoes look like?

In 1832, the famous ballerina Marie Taglioni was the first to dance a full length ballet (Les Sylphide) en pointe, although her shoes were much different than the pointe shoes

What do shoes look like in Spain?

In Spain, people wear pretty much the same shoes as in America. Sneakers, sandals, boots etc. The Spanish word for shoes is "zapatos".

What will shoes look like in 2050?

they will either be glow in the dark or have secret sweet roll compartments. or they may just look like s h i t -_- or they might have dead fish in them. or even a dead lady o
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What did the older vans shoes look like?

Like a old sk8 (similar to converse but a bit different) shoe usually with white bottoms and suede leather and they'd say vans on the side had tones when I was a boy
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What does the DC Shoes logo look like?

The letters DG are in bold, black caps, interlocking, and made to look as symmetrical as possible so that you could be forgiven for thinking it was DG rather than DC. There's
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What do a soccer shoe look like?

ABOVE: Soccer Cleat ABOVE: Soccer Shoe. Soccer Shoes normally have a flat bottom for indoor purposes.