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What does a tribal tattoo smybolize?

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Alot of them have significance to the tribes & the meaning of each part of the patterns. Many of the islander tattoos are passed on from generations.
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Why does your tribal tattoo keep fading?

Either you didn't take proper care of it after you had it done or the guy who gave it to you isn't a good tattoo artist. If you suspect the latter, you should go and get teste

What is a tattoo?

A tattoo is a permanent image on someone's skin. This is done by injecting ink under the skin with a sterilized needle. It can be removed but not very well, there will almost

What does the conch smybolize in Lord of the Flies?

The Conch symbolizes civilization, more specifically, rules and structure. In the beginning of the book, when everyone is focused on civilization and rescue, the Conch has the

What needle do you use when colouring a tribal tattoo?

for tribal tattoos you should use a nice defined line for outline with say at least a 5RL or you can use a 7RL and then fill in your black with a 9 mag. 14 mag needles are goo

How much does a tribal tattoo for your shoulder cost?

it'll cost about $100." Thats a nice start, but a tribal tattoo will vary greatly from artist to artist, and be based off of size and complexity. I have done tribal tattoos o

What needle should you use to colour tribal tattoos?

This is totally dependent on the size of the piece that you are doing, the bigger the piece, the bigger the needle set. Typically, I like to fill tribal with a round shader as

What is tribal pole?


What is a tribal region?

That is if your Native American, you tell what tribe your from. EX: Hopi, Zuni, and/or Navajo, etc.....

How do you do a tattoo?

Things You'll Need: High Pain Tolerance A lot of spare time Ink (India Ink, Sharpies, any non-toxic ink source) Needles, one for each color you'll use. (The thinner th