What does access violation of address means?

It means some software including the OS tried to access memory address which is protected and is not supposed to be used except the software which is already using it.
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What does the term copyright violation mean?

There are many types of copyright violations. Usually it means someone is using someone else's copyrighted material without permission and without the benefit of a statutory e (MORE)

What does grouping in Access mean?

In a query, it is creating groups of records that share some common characteristic, in order to do things with them.  For example, if you wanted to get the total amount o (MORE)

What is ticket violation number 23123a mean?

  "Driving while using a wireless telephone not configured for hands-free use." So basically it's a driving and talking on your cell and not using a wireless headset. A VE (MORE)

Why You Should Get a Passport

A passport is one of those unique documents that is recognized the world over as an official form of identification. Even though it's required for all international travel, it (MORE)
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What Does It Mean if an Egg Is Organic?

Organic egg certification has as much to do with animal welfare as it does with the quality of the product. While choosing United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certi (MORE)

What does the term Public access mean?

Public access means every one can access the code and can modify it too.If it is private,others can not use it directly and cant modify it.These access related things are main (MORE)

What does field mean in access?

Access is a database, and like a database, it has tables and fields. A table is a group of fields, and a field is likewise a single storage element of a table. For example, if (MORE)

What does it mean to violate human rights?

When you strict or violate human rights, it means to take the basic rights of humanity away. Such as a home, electricity, food, drink and ect like that. Also, human rights is (MORE)