What does access violation of address means?

It means some software including the OS tried to access memory address which is protected and is not supposed to be used except the software which is already using it.
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What is ticket violation number 23123a mean?

  "Driving while using a wireless telephone not configured for hands-free use." So basically it's a driving and talking on your cell and not using a wireless headset. A VE (MORE)

What does the term Public access mean?

Public access means every one can access the code and can modify it too. If it is private,others can not use it directly and cant modify it.These access related things are mai (MORE)

What does the term copyright violation mean?

There are many types of copyright violations. Usually it means someone is using someone else's copyrighted material without permission and without the benefit of a statutory e (MORE)

What does it mean to violate human rights?

When you strict or violate human rights, it means to take the basic rights of humanity away. Such as a home, electricity, food, drink and ect like that. Also, human rights is (MORE)

Accessing IP Addresses on a Different Network

Creating a home network is an excellent way to maximize the efficiency and potential of your computing resources. However, at times it is necessary to access your network from (MORE)

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Human Rights violations span every aspect of world history. Discrimination, abuse, torture, murder, deportation, and forced emigration are all considered human rights violatio (MORE)

Protect Yourself with an Anonymous Email Address

Most sites offering any information or other things you want require you to sign up with your email address. For frequently used sites, there is nothing wrong with this, and i (MORE)

What does access mean?

Access means:   As a noun -    A means of approach. (entrance, exit).  The right to approach.  An increase by addition.  An onset or outburst   As a verb -  (MORE)

What do you mean access specifier?

An Access Modifier is a key word in java that determines what level of access or visibility a particular java variable/method or class has. There are 4 basic access modifiers (MORE)

What are Internet Addressing and Accessing Systems?

Various types of addressing and accessing systems exist. IP Address, DNS, Domain Name, URL and Keywords are one of the oldest, extensively and commonly used systems. The lat (MORE)

How do you access an IP address from a mac?

Find your IP Address via the Mac OS X TerminalThis is how to find the IP address of your Mac through the Terminal, this is often the quickest way for those that are more techn (MORE)