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An allusion is a references to a place, myth, literary work, historical event, or person.
For example, the brand name Nike is an allusion to the Greek goddess Nike, who was the goddess of victory.

Nike would want to allude to such a goddess, since it conveys a positive image of the company.
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What does literary allusion mean?

An allusion is reference within a literary work to a famous,  historical, or biblical person or event that is outside of that  literary work.    The reference can oft

What does 'mythical allusion' mean?

An allusion is anything that references something else. Therefore, a mythological allusion is one the references some part of mythology.

What does historical allusion mean?

  When an author writes something that brings up (or alludes to) something in history. They could mention it or set up a scenario that's nearly the same as the historical

What does literary biblical allusion mean?

The phrase 'literary biblical allusion' refers to a literary work's  allusion to a story or idea from the Bible. In other words, a  reference of some kind to an identifiable

What does religious allusion mean?

    The word allusion mean when you reference something to a book, art work, people, etc.   So you can refer to a person, document, something historical.   

In English class what does allusion mean?

well an allusion is referring to a person and/or incident in a sentence. So if I said "Tomorrows game could be my waterloo" that would mean that tomorrows game could be the en

What allusion means?

 al·lu·sion   əˈlo͞oZHən/    noun        an expression designed to call something to mind without  mentioning it explicitly; an indirect or pass

What. does allusion mean?

al·lu·sion   əˈlo͞oZHən/   noun  noun: allusion; plural noun:  allusions       an expression designed to call something to mind without  mentionin