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An allusion is a references to a place, myth, literary work, historical event, or person.
For example, the brand name Nike is an allusion to the Greek goddess Nike, who was the goddess of victory.

Nike would want to allude to such a goddess, since it conveys a positive image of the company.
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What does the allusion to fly too close to the sun mean?

It comes from the Greek mythical story of Icarus and Daedalus. Daedalus was the father of Icarus and both were imprisoned by a king in ancient Greece. Daedalus was a brillian

How does Oscar Wilde create meaning through biblical allusion in E Tenebris?

I interpret E Tenebris as an apology for sins that Oscar Wilde had committed. The sins could include his homosexuality, but that is not definite. He speaks of standing in fron

What does the allusion casting pearls before swine before mean?

It means, Don't give precious things to those who won't appreciate it and will take it for granite. Origin: In "Matthew 7:6" (English Standard Version) it says "Do not give d

Can a symbol be and allusion?

no....i don't think so. An allusion is a connection and a symbol is when something represents another thing. Hope this helped:)

What are symbols and allusions?

Symbol: often an ordinary object, event, person, or animal to which extraordinary meaning is attached to. Allusion: a reference to a well known work of art, music, history,

What does historical allusion mean?

  When an author writes something that brings up (or alludes to) something in history. They could mention it or set up a scenario that's nearly the same as the historical

What allusions were in 'Macbeth'?

One of the allusions refers to King Neptune, ruler of the seas.  "Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?" (Act 2, Scene 2)

What does literary allusion mean?

An allusion is reference within a literary work to a famous,  historical, or biblical person or event that is outside of that  literary work.    The reference can oft

What is an allusion?

An allusion is when you trying to bring something to someone's  attention in an indirect way without actually mentioning it. It is  often a reference to a famous play, work

Songs with allusion in them?

The Kinks wrote an entire album that acted as a narrative of an  ordinary man affected by the rise and fall of the British empire.  One song, "Victoria," is a song that appe

What do you mean by the allusion Achilles' Foot?

  Achilles' Heel means the one weakness in an otherwise invincible thing. Achilles was the half-mortal son of the nymph Thetis, who dipped him in the River Styx to make hi