What does an African violet seed pod look like?

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It looks like a tiny baby green apple, with a long green stem. I'd also compare it to a small green bell pepper looking thing. Its hard to describe, if i were u I'd simply go-ogle search it and hit images.
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What do dieffenbachia seeds look like?

Dieffenbachia plants rarely bloom, and sometimes beside the flower, a long thin seed pod develops. Let it dry naturally and you will have dozens of small black seeds.

What do African violet roots look like?

The root system of an African violet Houseplant are fine, tan colored. Wild violets that grow outside have a little different root system, are a little thicker and hardier for outside weather conditions.

What do pimento seeds look like?

Pimento (or Pimiento) seeds do NOT look like peppercorns. That is incorrect. Pimentos are actually just a form of sweet pepper that are smaller is size than bell peppers, are typically either round or conical in shape, and have really thick flesh. Their seeds look identical to the pepper seeds you f (MORE)

What do African elephants look like?

An African Elephant looks like a regular elephant but bigger . There are two types of African elephants--the Bush and the Forest. In comparison with the Bush elephant the Forest elephant has a longer and narrower mandible, rounder ears, a different number of toenails, straighter and downward tus (MORE)

What do Frangipani seed pods look like?

The pods hang from the tree in the shape of an inverted V. They start out green, then brown and split open in the spring. Numerous wing type seeds inside.

What tree has a brainlike look to its large seed pod?

Answer . Osage Orange. They are yellow, and about the size of a grapefruit, and do indeed bear a resemblance to a human brain. It is not poisionous, but will make you vomit if you eat it. Squirrels eat the seeds inside. The tree grows 8-15 meters tall.

What does an African elephant look like?

The African elephant is very large and heavy. It has a grey color, and the male elephants have ivory tusks. Elephants have long nose which can pick up food to eat.

What does Superman look like in the pod suit?

My Guess is a Pod suit is something of an insulated and kryptonite-proof external body capsule- like some types of Space Suits used by Nasa- they would have an odd- somewhat diving Bell shape and would entirely enclose the occupant, some having remote control arms- sometimes called a Jim Suit, very (MORE)

What does a banana seed look like?

its almost sesame like, but more round(still black). If you find the right bananas, you'll find the seed in the fruit when you eat. And its hard so it makes your banana taste weird.

What is an African violet?

An African violet is a one crowned plant that produces beautiful flowers at around 6 months. An array of colors from yellow, pink,blue-purple, red, rose and much more. There are also trailing types of African violets.

What do rose seeds look like?

When you get to a single seed, it is like a small apple seed. As it should be, because they are related. Rose seeds are inside a similar fruit that does not get so large but is often red or reddish, with a thin skin and a pulp or filling around five chambers for seeds in the center. Rose fruits, con (MORE)

What do seed ticks look like?

after getting swarmed with "seed ticks" yesterday, unfortunately i can answer this. they look like tiny seeds, you know those little black (closer to brown or red) grass seeds that come off on your pants while walking through the woods or grass. but watch closely and you'll see them moving. and even (MORE)

What does a mango seed look like?

A mango seed (also known as a pit) is rather large in comparison to the size of the fruit. The seed has a relatively ovular shape and looks like a giant pumpkin seed. They are generally about four to five inches long, two to three inches wide and a centimeter thick at the thickest point. Mango seeds (MORE)

How does the African violet disperse its seeds?

Well, African violets in the wild disperse their seeds with the help from birds and certain insects. African violets as a rule do not self polinate because the seed pods are very hard. Hybridizers make a cut or break into the seed some how to get to the powder.

What do African huts look like?

In shanty towns, most dwellings are made from corrugated iron sheets arranged in boxes. Power is normally supplied from nearby traffic lights - the shanty town dwellers run an electrical cable from the lights to their houses.

Is a banana a seed or seed pod?

it is the seed pod/ fruit. the seeds are found in the centre of the fruit, the seeds do not mature and are normally observed small dark specks

What does the color violet look like?

violet looks like a very deep blue actually violet is purple. crayola made up the name purple, it is really violet and that is the truth. violet is a secondary color you get from mixing the primaries red and blue red+blue=violet purple sounds much cooler than violet though Like Elizab (MORE)

How do you get seeds out of an African violet?

To produce seeds, the African violet must be pollinated, either by itself (rarely happens), by insects (happens sometimes) or by human intervention. African violets have both male and female attributes so they can be "self-crossed" or pollinated with pollen of any other African violet. When po (MORE)

What do orchid seeds look like?

I found the plate at the related link below on Orchids Wiki. Ithought it would be good to show you it because the seeds of anorchid are so very small. This makes propagation of orchidsdifficult because when a pod that is full of seeds burst it sendsup a puff filled with thousands of seeds. What amaz (MORE)

What does a seed look like on the inside?

the inside of a seed has an embryo and a cotyledon. every seed has a different type of cotyledon. there are two types of cotyledons - monocotyledon and dicotyledon.

What do the seeds of a sunflower look like?

Go to the supermarket and look at a bag of sunflower seeds. They're about half an inch long, black and white, and very tasty. The baseball players chew on them and spit out the seed coverings on television, which is better than when they used to chew tobacco and spit out the juice.

What does moon flower pods look like?

they are thorn apple pods with 4 pedals of thorns. inside it looks like there are just seeds on the surface after peeling the thorn peddle but as u remove the seeds you find a lot more hidden in the interrior.. seeds are yellow to brown depending on ripeness

How are African violet seeds scattered?

Violets seeds are very hard and don't very often self pollinate so we need to puncture it with an exacto knife to get to the pollen to pollinate the stigma.

How does violet Baudelaire look like?

she had long dark hair and was pale in the books she always wars a purple dress in the movies she wears a strange looking dress with fishnet sleeves

What do African houses look like?

African houses vary, but for the most part they are very simple. In more upscale parts of Africa they are more European having been left over from the British and the Dutch. But the houses in the villages are very round and made of mud and straw or just mud. Usually there is just one room and a smal (MORE)

What do sesame seeds look like?

Sesame seeds are tiny, teardrop shaped, creamy white and flat. Toasted sesame seeds are brown. If you are familiar with McDonald's hamburgers, those are sesame seeds on the top of the bun.

How do seed weeds look like?

I was pulling weeds in my garden and came across what resembled abee hive with roots growing in the ground,black on the inside ofthe cones,grey on the outside.What is it.

How do flax seed look like?

Flax seed are very similair in appearance to seseme seeds. You can buy them in bulk at stores such as whole foods or sunflower market. I buy mine in a pre-packaged bag at Trader Joe's for about 3 bucks. I add them to stir-fry, salads, top off yogurt... they're pretty crunchy and taste sorta nutty - (MORE)

What do the seeds of a hibiscus look like?

after it fades, swells and turns papery-brown; these seed pods contain the seeds. The seeds should not be collected until the flower is dead and the pod appears ready..

What does a sycamore tree seed pod look like?

It looks like two seeds joined together each with a wing attached to the outside. When the seed is released from the tree it descends like a helicopter, and given a breeze can fly a fair distance.

What do Bottlenose dolphins pods look like?

This answer can be highly variable, in many cases a pod can consist of mainly females and offspring with a few post-reproductive males in the pod. Their also are known to be bachelor pods of male dolphins, in other cases the pods are mixed relatively evenly with male and female dolphins