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What does an electronics and communication engineer do?

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They make and design electronic devices - TV, radio, computer, laptop, cellphone, smartphone, camera, sound recorder, monitor, speaker etc. and communication equipment - satellite, antenna, router, cable etc.
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What is the subjects of electronics and communication engineering?

Basically first year for all engineering branches used to be same. For electronics and telecommunication engg. following subjects are involved 1.digital logic design 2.integra

What is the scope of electronics and communication engineering?

Answer \n. \n. \nThe major driving force for the present day Information Technology revolution is the development in Electronics Engineering. The advancements in microel

Importance of electronics and communication engineering?

The electronics and communication engineers are the most required in market todays, because the demand of electronic devices in market very high. electronics becomes the most

Is robotics part of electronics communication engineering?

yes definitely EC branch study about processors motors peripheral all of those which are used to develop a robot excluding mechanical part. so it is also part and soul of elec

Is electronics and communication engineering easy to study?

It's a lot of study material (pure theory) but it demands a lot of effort and a good understanding of formulas and others, the best way to understand principles is by performi

Why do you choose electronic and communication engineering?

im interested in finding out how it works. and for me there's nothing more creative than electronic and communication engineering. and i believe that electronic and communicat

What is the scope for electronics and communication engineering?

Electronics, particularly computer usage coupled with recent  space-age endeavors crept into every sphere of human activity.  Every industry, institution and organization fe

Why do you study electronics and communication engineering?

Hopefully because you have a passion for the field and the benefit it will bring others as well as yourself. Electronics talk about at electron level i.e on very small range..