What does around the world sexually mean?

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Having oral, vaginal and anal sex in the same session or evening. Also called triple play (turning a triple play) , grand slam, hat trick.
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How do you do around the world?

hold da the ball on ya foot then flick into the air about up to your knees then take your foot around the ball as fast as u can the touch or catch the ball again ( try doing this while kick ups if u want to)

What does around the world mean in sexual terms?

"Around the World" is a sexual oral technique where one person begins at one foot of the other person, explores the entire body with the body (stopping at obvious body parts) and proceeds until finishing up at the other foot. Hence "around the world". Around the World is when a man penetrates all (MORE)

What does it mean to go 'around the world' in a sexual way?

It means that you have slept with alot of people. Which if it was protected sex and you are mature enough, isn't neccesarily a bad thing. Around the World around the world could also be one very hard-looking position in sex. the girl is on her back and her vagina is near the end of the bed, the (MORE)

What does 'Money makes the world go around' mean?

This quotation is from the musical play "Cabaret" that was written in the 1960's. It starred Joel Gray and Liza Minnelli, and was a bitter commentary on Berlin in the 1930's just before World War 2. This particular quotation is a song in this play. Since the play is dark and rather melancholy, This (MORE)

What does sexually confused mean?

This means I you are a boy you feel tha desire to have sex or be boyfriend with a "boy" it's normal at times yet your mom or dad won't approve it is call gay.

What does the shot heard around the world mean?

The "shot heard around the world" refers to soldiers killed at thebattle of Lexington and Concord in Concord, Massachusetts, whichpreceded the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. RalphWaldo Emerson chronicled this event as being "the shot heard aroundthe world" in the opening stanza of his (MORE)

What does sexual harrassment mean?

Sexual Harassment actually doesn't involve someone touching your sexual organs(breasts, vagina penis). Well it involves that and more! Much more!!! If someone touches anywhere on your body that makes you feel uncomfortable that is called sexual harassment It can be your shoulder, arm, leg, anywhere. (MORE)

What does around mean?

around means going in a circle and one way to memorize the definition for around is if you take off the a it spells round and round as in a circle and the definition is to go around in a circle .

What does the term girth mean sexually?

Girth is a measurement 'around something'. In this sense it often refers to the measurement around the penis. If someone has an obesity fetish, they may be referring to body size in general, particularly around the breasts, waist, and buttocks.

What does it mean to be sexually frustrated?

To be sexually frustrated means that a person is upset or angry because they are not receiving a pleasurable sexual release (climax, orgasm) at all or as often as they would like.

Do all the natural disasters around the world mean that the rapture is coming?

No. The natural disasters... the four horsemen of Revelation 6 (the first four seals) Jesus translates for us in Matthew 24:4-7. Of these, He says: . "... see that ye be not troubled : for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet .. The signs Jesus describes in Matthew 24 a (MORE)

What does hedro sexual mean?

That's heterosexual. Heterosexual means being attracted to the opposite sex (men being attracted to women, women being attracted to men). As opposed to homosexual, which means being attracted to the same sex (men being attracted to men, and women being attracted to women). The prefix "hetero" mea (MORE)

Does sexuality mean gay?

No. Gayness is just one type of sexuality. Heterosexuality is another. It is just a general term covering who you are attracted to.

What does sexual excursion mean?

Sexual excursion means enjoying sex collectively in a night club, brothel or elsewhere that causes physical satisfaction. A type of sect of the Hindus does sexual acts through religious rituals for attaining God's blessings. Sexual pleasure is the main factor in sexual excursion. Tantric Yoga

What does Hector sexual mean?

You may be trying to write heterosexual. Heterosexual means being attracted to the opposite sex, as opposed to homosexual which means being attracted to the same sex.

What does being intimately sexually mean?

Intimate and sexual are typically confused to be the same or similar thing. Intimate is actually a word that describes an action between you and one or more other people that may not have anything to do with a sexual encounter. You can be intimate with your sister because you can share you most pers (MORE)

What do you mean by responsible sexual behavior?

That would include the following: . Protecting yourself and your partner from disease and unwanted pregnancy. . Engaging only in legal sexual practices - no animals nor children. . Respecting the limits of others and not sexually assaulting them. . Only having sex with those who are able to g (MORE)

How do you keep your husband around sexual?

I would say the best way to keep your husband around or aroused sexually is by stimulating his mind and emotions. Many women just think that the only way to keep the guy aroused or around sexually is by doing freaky or kinky or new things with the guy, but that doesn't mean anything when you and you (MORE)

What does it mean to be sexually restrictive?

To be sexually restrictive is to be unopen and unwilling to openly allow or discuss things of a sexual nature, including, but not restricted to sexual lifestyle choice. #Graceblack2012

What does it mean to have sexual dreams?

To have sexual dreams is of ones becoming. They happen to most humans. It's between the times when you are getting ready to change, and hormones are flexing around. You could also be heavily thinking about someone, and your mind creates a fictional fantasy about it that may be pondering your mind. I (MORE)

What does it mean to have a sexual dream about a teacher?

Sexual dreams mean nothing other than the dreamer has healthy hormones. People tend to have sexual dreams about people seen frequently, so teachers, who are seen daily, are included. While such dreams are not cause for alarm, they should not be dwelt on or made the subject of waking fantasy. Never c (MORE)

What does sexually harassed mean?

Sexual harassment, is intimidation, bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors. In some contexts or circumstances, sexual harassment may be illegal.

What does host mean sexually?

Host as in sexual terms means that the person 'hosting' is when he/she has his place all to him/herself and invites a person/people for sexual activity. No roommates, family, siblings, etc present in the house.

What does PFE mean as a Sexual abbreviation?

The posterior fornix erogenous (PFE) zone is similar to the anterior fornix erogenous (AFE) zone (an area from the end of the vaginal canal downward about two thirds to the opening) but on the opposite wall. The PFE is a bit more difficult to find.

What does snow blowing mean sexually?

"when a girl gives a man head and then keeps the cum in hermouth and makes out with the guy and they exchange the cum witheach other." True, but there is much more to it: This can be performed with orwithout any females present. However, there must always be at leastone guy involved. Previously th (MORE)

Is Cadbury world around the world?

The company ' Cadbury's ' is a global company and it has many factories, much like cadbury world in england, all over the world. there is also a chocolate fountain which tours the world regularly.

What does the sexual term trucking mean?

It is a dated slang word that rhymed with the four letter term for sexual intercourse and was used to mean the same thing. Usage included the term "Keep on truckin' baby...." which is from a song by Eddie Kendricks back in the 1970's.

Does ring around moon mean that the world is going to end?

No, that is the moisture between you and the moon and the position of the moon. You see, a full moon that rises high in the sky makes us notice the shadows we cast, and the illumination of the ground. So, naturally, we look up at the moon. The reflected light of the moon is refracted passing throug (MORE)

What does shot heard around the world mean?

it means that everyone was aware of what happened...newpapers, hearsay, etc. The shot was not heard around the world, but many people from all continents heard of the incident

What is the meaning of around?

It means to be nearby and not far away. Can also describe something that surrounds another object, such a a belt that goes around your waist.