What does aunt Polly do to Tom that is worse than whipping?

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If I remember the story correctly, he is sold down the river.
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In the book 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' what is worse than a whipping for Tom?

Making Aunt Polly cry. . His aunt wept over him and asked him how he could go and break her old heart so; and finally told him to go on, and ruin himself and bring her gray

How was tom and aunt polly kin?

aunt polly is tom sawyers aunt. tom's parents died or something happened to them and aunt polly is tom's guardian and Sid is his cousin or 'half-brother'

Who is aunt polly in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

In Tom sawyer aunt Polly is Tom's aunt. He lives with her because his mom and dad died. He is always tricking her and she doesn't have the gut to punish him. Tom also lives wi

Why does aunt Polly not apologize to Tom Sawyer?

Aunt Polly feels shy all the time because she realises that there was a good part in everything Tom did. Therefore she always tried to apologize in different ways, without apo