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It means that a bonding agency would be willing to carry a bond to guarantee your behavior. Typically, if you have been pretty honest and don't have any felony convictions or bankruptcy, you'll be bondable. What is being asked here is essentially whether or not you will pass the background check. If you are free of criminal activity in your past, you will be bonded to the company, so that in the event you steal or commit fraud against them, the company is covered for the losses you have incurred. Answer It is asking if you are eligible for a Bond, often called a Fidelity Bond. It is an assurance that you are free from criminal activity and that the comapny will not incur loss if you do come to work for them and steal or commit a fraudulent act while employed.
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Why does a job ask you if you are bondable?

  Answer   It's like insurance. You would know if you weren't bondable. You wouldn't be bondable if you had gotten into big trouble for stealing or something like t

What do they mean when they ask 'Are you bondable' in a job interview or application?

Bondable means you do not have a criminal record, so when asked:  "are you bondable?" and you have a clean record, answer "yes."    You can also get around this if you

Do you answer 'Are you bondable' on a job application?

  Answer   Many occupations require that a person receive a "bond", which is little more than an insurance policy that pays customers if you turn out to be a thief o

If you have no criminal history does that mean you are bondable?

  Am I Bondable     Most likely. A bond is something that you pay for and gives confidence to a purchaser of your services that you most likely have integrity an

What does are you bondable mean?

Bondable usually means that an individual has no criminal record.  Some companies also include credit history in the definition of  bondable individuals.

In a job application they ask are you bondable how do you know?

When you are asked on an application are you bondable "means a  person is deemed worthy of bond or insurance coverage. The insurer  provides coverage for an owner-operator o

Job applications sometimes ask if you are bondable What does this mean?

    You can be insured to handle cash and valuables     A bondable employee is someone who can be insured to handle cash and other valuables. Employers need to

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This has nothing to do with atheism, however if you apply for a job  then you are the applicant.

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Hi! I have gotten this on my application once too (I work as an English teacher:)! It probably means that you are explicatoriable and may be extranoversed. If you are hyperlad