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What does cad cam stand for?

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CAD stands for computer aided design
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What is cad cam?

Cad stands for:  Computer  Aided  Design  Cam is used to manufacture products. The term CAD/CAM implies both for designing a product and for controlling  Design manufact

What Does CAD stand for?

computer aided design Computer Aided Design , CAD Stands for  Computer-Aided Drafting

Cad stand for?

Computer-Aided Designing

What is CAM and CAD?

CAM is Computer Aided Manufacturing, and is associated with CNC machines (Computer Numeric Control). CAD is Computer Aided Design, which is making drawings and plans using sof

The link between cad and cam?

cad and cam are both linked together, as they are both computer soft-wares that control machinery :D i hope this awnser might help some people :D thank you x

What does cad mean and cam mean?

A "CAD" is a man who is charming or good looking, a handsome devil. A man who behaves dishonorably, esp. toward a woman A "CAM" is A projection on a rotating part in machine

How is cad and cam used?

cad stands for computer aided design bet u new =]) and cam is as u can guess.... its generally used to build things before you do like to test structures to see if they are st