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What does dag mean in metric measurement?

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dag= dekagram :)
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What measurement is a dag?

The abbreviation dag stands for decagram - a decagram is equal to ten grams.

What kind of measuring unit is dag?

A dag is a dekagram which is a metric unit of mass or weight, equal to 10 grams or 0.35274 ounces.

What does measured in metric mean?

metric is the form that pretty much the entire world (except USA) uses e.g. metres instead of feet or yards, litres instead of ounces or gallons.It pretty much says it was mea

What does dag nab mean?

It's basically a euphemism for "God damn".

What is a dag in the metric system?

A dag is the symbol for the obsolete unit decagram equaling 10 grams. It is no longer in general use.