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In Golf
In golf, the teeing ground is the area at the beginning of a hole from which the player's first stroke is taken. When referring to the area, the terms "tee", "tee box", and "teeing ground" are often used interchangeably. The boundaries of the teeing ground are defined by a pair of tee markers. The front, left and right sides of the tee are denoted by the outer edges of the tee markers, assuming the perspective of a player standing in the teeing ground and facing the hole. The teeing ground is two club-lengths in depth. Most courses have at least three sets of tee markers (some may have six or more), each a different color and denoting different yardages. Some commonly used tee marker colors are below, along with a general description of who plays from what color. The tee box that a person plays from is not set by rules; in casual play, anyone can use any tee box they wish to. Note that not all courses have all colors, and some may use a completely different color scheme for their tee markers. • Black usually denotes the tee used for championship play in tournaments, and is almost always the longest yardage for each hole. • Blue (or "back") is the tee used by skilled male players who have a low handicap. • White (or "middle") is the tee used most often by men, typically those who have a middle or high handicap. • Yellow (or gold) can have two meanings: if it's behind the white tees, it's usually for championship play. If in front of the white tee markers (but before the red tee markers), it typically denotes where senior men hit from. • Red (or "forward") is the tee that women usually hit from, and usually offers the shortest yardage on many courses. • Green tee markers often have shorter yardage even than the red tee markers, and usually indicate where juniors and beginners hit from. The surface of the teeing ground is generally grass, cut short to allow the least possible interference with the ball's lie, although the Rules do not specify that the teeing ground must be surfaced with grass nor the height at which it is cut.
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What is the purpose of different colored tees in golf?

The different tees in golf are established for different groups.Mens tees are the farthest, then the Senior's tee, then finally,the ladies tee. It is not set in stone, but that is the commonruling. Many sources are starting to create a champion tee for theplayer that thinks they can break out on tou (MORE)

What does golf stand for?

word Golf evolved (Like most words) from other languages. Why People perpetuate this nonsense still mystifies me! While it is true that in the early days of golf it was primarily a game played by men......The word golf derives from the Dutch kolf meaning stick, club or bat.. Gentleman only ladies f (MORE)

Do you have to use a golf tee every time you tee off or can you just play from the ground?

You do need to T-off and it's only when you first start. The firststroke on each hole is done from the Tee (officially, teeingground), where the player can use a tee (a small wooden or plasticpeg) to put his ball on, which makes the tee shot easier. Afterteeing off, a player hits the ball again from (MORE)

Where do you tee off from while playing golf?

It is called the tee box. The ladies tee off from a line somewhere forward of the men's line. You are allowed to go two club lengths back from a line drawn from one marker to the other inside of the tee box. There are normally four different tee boxes in golf, White and Blue usually being Mens tees, (MORE)

What do the different colors stand for?

There are many lists that can tell you the meanings of colors. I was surprised to find out that colors have different meanings in different parts of the world, and the meanings change over time, just as language and fashion styles change. You can find some excellent resources by typing the meani (MORE)

What color is the ladies tee in golf?

Answer . Red. Juniors Blue. Men's tee of the day Yellow. Men's Medal tee White, commonly known as the Tiger Tee. . Answer by FutureLPGAgolfer . The ORIGINAL color for ladies is red, but on my two home courses, on one course it is green and on the other it is red? .

Who manufactures corn starch golf tees?

There are a number of manufacturers of corn starch golf tees around the world. There is a new development taking place with corn starch plastics and that is to combine the farming waste material like stalks and husks with corn starch to manufacture a biodegradable biomass type product. The product:. (MORE)

What does TEE stands for?

"Tee" is an abbreviation for trustee in a living trust. Another common abbreviation is "tr." The main elements for preparing a trust are the names of the trustees, the name of the trust and the date the trust was established.

What does AS stand for in golf?

It stands for All Square, usually in match play events, where you are facing an opponent one v. one or team v. team, and are tied.

Can you use a golf tee in the fairway?

No, you can only use a tee for a tee shot, which is a shot which is taken from the designated teeing area. The teeing area is defined by the two tee markers. You can not use a tee anywhere but the teeing area. If you do you are deemed to have improved your lie, which carries a two shot penalty.

In golf is it okay to be late for tee time?

Punctuality is a virtue. Unless it is completely unavoidable being late is an indication of an unorganized lifestyle. This sort of action shows a lack of respect for the other players and is scorned by many.

What are tees in golf?

On the first shot of the hole you rest the ball on a tee because it makes the balls easier to hit especially with a driver.

What do the different colors of awareness ribbons stand for?

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How high should you set your golf tee?

Honestly it is personal preference. Although as a general rule when using your driver half of the ball should be above the top of the driver, and the same for your woods. You should tee your long irons up so the ball is roughly in the middle of the club face and for shorter irons and wedges you shou (MORE)

What age can gold tees be used in golf?

This depends completely on the decression of the golf club. They may have no age limit on them, or they may have it at 18. However there is also the more likely option that there will be a handicap limit, which you have to have attained to play off them.

Inside the globe how do you get the golf ball on the tee?

My friend actually has one of these and I knocked the ball off the tee just to see how easy it was... it was deadly. I spent hours and hours trying to get it back on. What I was tried to give the ball a bit of spin so that it would stick. Bring the globe towards you, then roll the wrists to flick it (MORE)

How deep should you insert a golf tee?

You should just insert it as deep in the ground as you desire. For the driver the ball should be half on the face and half over the top line. For a wood it should be the same. An iron should have the ball half way up the face and wedges the ball should nearly be touching the ground. There is no set (MORE)

Where can a golf tee be used?

The only place a tee can be used is on the designated teeing ground of each hole. This area is defined by the two tee markers. You can not use a tee anywhere else on the hole.

How do you set up tee markers for golf?

The tee markers on a golf course are set up by the greens staff prior to the commencement of a given day or competition. The just set them down level with each other pointing towards the fairway or green. They are always set up on the tee box which is a specially designated area which is closely mow (MORE)

What are the golf tee box colors and their meaning?

They vary from club to club and country to country so it is quitedifficult to tell you. Basically they represent who should playfrom them, e.g one may be championship tees, one may be daily play,one may be ladies and another juveniles. Check with the club youare going to play.

How do you line up the golf ball on the tee?

Most good players line themselves up on the tee, by picking something in front of their ball that is in line with what they are aiming at i.e a mars bar wrapper or a leaf. Many tour pros use this technique and even Tiger Woods .

What does SI mean on Golf tee sign?

SI means stroke index. The holes on a golf course are rated 1-18 on their difficulty, it is essential for handicapping purposes. The even numbers will be on one nine, and the odd numbers will be on the other nine. 1 is the hardest, and 18 is the easiest.

When you lose the honor when do you tee off in golf?

On the first hole of a round of golf, the player with the lowest handicap goes first, then in order of lowest to highest. Unless you are playing in a competition where a draw has been made and the players have been told which order they tee off in. On subsequent holes, the player who had the lowest (MORE)

Are rubber golf tees legal?

It depends which kind of rubber tees you mean. Like a driving range tees, then no. But you can use the pyramid tees that usually come in a bunch of three in three different sizes.

What are the limitations to teeing a golf ball?

You have to use a tee which has been approved for play by the R&A and USGA. So you couldn't tee it up on a beer can. If you use a tee approved for play you can do it up as high or as low as you want.

What is the size of a golf tee?

The golf tee can actually vary in size but the max length that a tee can be is four inches. The main sizes that are seen are 2 1/8", 2 3/4", 3 1/4" along with the four inch tee.

Which set of tees are played during golf pro-am?

During a Pro Am there are two sets of tees. Ones which the pros play off, these would be the tournament tees. The other set is the Amateur tees, from which the amateurs play off, these are usually quite far forward as much as 150 yards in front of the pro tees!

Do you have to make your golf ball before you tee off?

No you can buy them in the pro shop. I believe you are asking do you have to mark your ball before teeing off? The answer is no, you don't. But, I would highly recommend it. Mark the ball in a unique way, this avoids any confusion and you can quickly identify your ball without having to waste time (MORE)

Who makes biodegradable biomass golf tees?

BioTee is the only Biodegradable golf tee on the market today. There is a world patent for the next 20 years, It is certified in Europe and the United States as 100% Biodegradable. It is stronger than any wood Tee and resits breakage of between 10 and 15 drives. For more: info@BioTeeUSA.com Manufact (MORE)

Why are golf tees used?

Golf tees are used to help hold the balls up so that the player does not wack up the grass. Please answer my questions my member name is,Hellokitty122332.

Are golf tee-markers a movable obstruction?

You may not move the markers on your tee box for your tee shot. This would result in a 2 stroke penalty. However if after your tee shot, your ball lies near a marker you may move it and replace it in the same location after your stroke.

What is a golf tee usually made of?

Golf tees are usually made of wood or plastic and are used to hold the golf ball stationary before the first shot is made. 3000 golf tees can be made from 1 tree trunk.

Where can one get promotional golf tees?

One may order promotional golf tees from the vendor "4 Imprint". They provide free samples first and then one may order larger quantities with custom logos at a discount.

How do Brush Tees improve your golf game?

Brush tees have special nylon bristles that are very flexible. This allows the ball to be hit with the least amount of resistance and deflection. These tees also stabilize the ball much better than a regular golf tee.

Is a golf cup the same thing as a golf tee?

No, a golf cup can be either the plastic insert placed in thebottom of the target hole on the green, or the trophy presented tothe winner of a golf tournament. A golf tee is a small wooden orplastic peg used to rest the ball upon when teeing off.

How do you tee up the golf ball on the tee?

Simple physics. . Hold the tee so that the pointed end is down (i.e. closer tothe centre of the Earth) . Insert the golf tee parallel to the local pull of gravity intothe surface you are teeing off from . Place the ball on the top (cupped end) of the tee so that aline drawn from the center of th (MORE)