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What does Disney own?

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The Walt Disney company owns abc television group like abc, ESPN, Disney channel soapnet ABC, ABC Family, ABC Kids, Walt Disney Distribution, Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, Disney Channel, ESPN, Jetix, Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Walt Disney Television Animation, Walt Disney Records, Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Miramax Films, ABC Studios, Playhouse Disney, Disney Consumer Products, Pixar, Soapnet, Disney Interactive Studios, Muppets Holding Company, Disney Store, Toon Disney, New Horizon Interactive, and Hollywood Records also owns Disney Cruise which they have thir own a private island called castaway cay. They also have their own radio station network called radio Disney wich is distributed in Canada, Nicaragua, Mexico, Argentina and of course United States
The Walt Disney company also have their own website called Disney online the official home page for all things Disney a website entertainment business group called Walt Disney internet group which their job is to update the Disney website with offers videos, games, trips, and media entertainment from their company. As a billion dollar entertainment company Disney still have plans to buy new companies but yet we are not sure what companies will come with magic and entertainment.
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Who owns the Walt Disney company?

The Walt Disney Company is a publicly traded company. All the  stockholders of the company owns shares of the company.    The largest individual shareholder is Bob Ige

Who currently owns Disney?

No single individual owns Disney, but the Walt Disney Company is currently being headed by President & CEO, Bob Iger.

Does Disney own Toy Story?

Technically speaking, yes. The animation is done by Pixar, though (a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company). Disney owns the rights to all Pixar films such as Toy Story (Oth

Is Pokémon owned by Disney?

No, Pokémon is owned by Nintendo. Various licensing rights are managed by Nintendo subsidiaries and a number of other independent companies. Miramax Films (a subsidiary of

How can you own Disney?

Ive wanted to know that forever and i wish i could tell you, but theta means if i could tell you i would know too and i don't

Does Disney own hulu?

Hulu and Disney, through its subsidiary ABC Enterprises Inc., joined NBC Universal, News Corporation and Providence Equity Partners as a joint venture partner and equity own