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To lead the person or other, to a direction.
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What does the code P1443 and or 420 mean on a 96 Ford Escort?

Answer . The p1443 code means a problem with the evaporative emissions system. There could be a problem with a broken or unhooked vacuum hose. Also could be a problem with the solenoid or sensor between throttle body and evaporative canister.

91 escort says MAF sensor circuit voltage below minimum what does it mean?

Answer . First make sure that the wiring harness that goes to the MAF is getting the required voltage. (unfortunately I don't know what it is, you'll have to find that out) A MAF is usually just a heated wire that gets cooled when air flows past, and that's how it measures the incoming air. So (MORE)

What does it mean when the check engine light comes on a Ford Escort zx2?

Answer . It means the computer has detected a problem with the emissions system. Make sure your gas cap is tight. If that is not the problem, then you need to have the computer scanned for a fault code. This code you give you and idea where to look. Auto Zone & Advance Auto Parts will do a free s (MORE)

97 ford escort meaning of color wires for speakers?

Workaround :. 1. Determine howmany wires and which color. 2. Take multimeter and test the continuity. Usaully,. Black=Ground. If you have two blue wired then they must be positive. For one speaker use black and blue. Mr Yogi

On a 1991 Ford Escort what does the gas cutoff light mean?

i believe this means the inertia switch has activated. even a good bump can sometime make it pop up. it should be located in the trunk. check to see if th cap is raised. if so push back down and try starting the car. if it continues to pop up it may need to be replaced.

What does it mean when the spark plugs have oil on them i have a 99 ford escort zx2?

You have problems. It could be piston rings or valve seals. Either way you have major problems that will require removing the heads. A 2: I had oil on top of my plugs and it was due to a bad valve cover gasket. This depends on if your oil was on the top or bottom of the plugs. If on bottom refer (MORE)

What is the meaning of escort?

This all depends on the use of the word escort. An escort could besomeone who helps you from place to place assuring that you arriveon time, or can be a female prostitute.

What does it mean service engine soon on a ford escort 2002?

When the "service engine soon" light comes on inside your 2002 FordEscort, it means that a sensor has told the engine that it is timefor a scheduled service. This is generally timed at a certainnumber of miles or after a certain period of driving time.

How do you escort women?

It is nervous to escort a woman but don't be norveous.. 1. Say ladies first. 2. Open the doors for her as if you were opening it for your mom. 3. If you want someone to like you don't act stupid. Act funny.

Where are escorts legal?

Speaking about Europe, it's legal in UK, Germany, Netherlands Escorts are legal everywhere. Prostitutes aren't. Also legal in Canada, Nevada, New Zealand, sort of in Sweden, and Mexico. Probably many more.

What is a model escort?

A model escort is someone who is uaually very good looking that is paid to go to an event with someone. Could me that this person is a prostitute although not always.

What is the meaning of an escort?

Escort has 3 meanings: . someone who acts as a bodyguard . a person that provides companionship for a fee. . a compact car built by Ford Motor Company

What does it mean when an escort saids she is a spinner?

"Spinner" (Adjective - Slang) Used among some men to describe an extremely petite young woman, usually with a lot of sex appeal - the term is thought to reference the small stature and weight of the woman; (IE she is so petite she could be spun around while riding the man during sex). Ex: Man #1- "A (MORE)

What does manual release HJ mean in escort terms?

HJ = Hand Job - meaning the escort will manually (with her hands) stimulate the male genitalia until climax. There is little risk of STD transfer but typically it is performed with a condom. Hope this helps

What is a GFE escort?

GFE escort means that escort girl offers you girlfriend experience - she acts like she is your girlfriend. Well, actually what GFE stands for is girlfriend experience. This means that she will make you feel as though you are unrushed, and she is willing to kiss, and give BBBJs (bare back BJs). It (MORE)

What does fuel cut out mean in a 1996 ford escort wagon?

It is a device that cuts out the supply of gas in case you're in a bad accident. IF you get a good enough bump, your car will not run. The cut out switch needs to be reset and it's in the back, ususlly under a plastic cut out.

Can you be an underage escort?

No. There are two things wrong here. Escorts are illegal and an underage escort is very much illegal. Ugggghhhh..... since you assumed the asker was American, I am going to assume you are American. Yes, prostitution is illegal in MOST of the US, but it is legal in Nevada. It is also legal in many (MORE)

Vin 3 means on 98 Ford Escort?

On a 1998 Ford Escort : If the 8th " character " of the VIN is a " 3 " It has the 2.0 liter Dual Over Head Cam Zetec four cylinder engine Also , " P " would indicate a 2.0 , SOHC

What is the verb of escort?

escort is a verb or a noun. verb - I will escort you through the airport. noun - Our escort took us to the Great Wall.

What is an escort warship?

An escort warship is a warship that sails along side unarmed or lightly armed merchant or military transports protecting them from threats. An escort can be any warship assigned to guarding other ships but some have been purposely built for the task. Some example from the Second World War are Cor (MORE)

What is code 118 on a ford escort mean and How do you fix it?

Looking in the Haynes Manual there are 2 code 118: one is for a 1.9L and it says "118, O,C ECT indicates -40 degree F/circuit grounded" and the other is a generic code for 1996 and later model ford escorts and it reads "P0118 Engine coolant temperature circuit, high input" but it doesn't say how to (MORE)

What does the code P 0401 on a 96 ford escort mean?

Code P0401 code is : Exhuast gas recirculation, insufficient flow detected chances are either EGR valve has gone out (by air cleaner) or the tube in the manifold is clogged. I would check tube first, use only carberator cleaner on these parts, if you damage them then you will have to buy a new one. (MORE)

What does the second d mean in a 2001 ford escort zx2?

The " D " is the drive position so the transmission ( transaxle ) only uses the first ( 3 ) gears and not the overdrive gear ( the 4th gear ) that you normally get if you select the " D " with the circle around it

What do these terms mean talking escorts gfe pse msog bbbj russian greek daty cim owo bbbjtc bbfs?

GFE - Girl friend experience PSE - Porn star experience BBBJ - Bareback BJ (oral sex, no condoms) Russian - Breast sex Greek - Anal CIM - C** in mouth BBFS - Bareback sex (No condoms) MSOG - Multiple Shots On Goal (multiple sex acts included for the same fee) DATY - Dinner At The Y (MORE)

How to get best out of escorts?

Finding femaleEscorts in while traveling to any country, is not that much hardtask instead one should only call to understand that from wherethey should start. It is quite a difficult task for the people whoare not aware of the most up to date modern technology and also howto utilize it in their fav (MORE)