What does fete de compli mean?

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Spelled "fait accompli", French for "accomplished fact"-- presumably irreversible. Also a "done deal."

The January 2010 election of a Senate Republican committed to voting against the health care bill made the bill's defeat a fait accompli.
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What does 'fetes' mean?

Fête is a French word meaning celebration. Adding an 's' to the word, means that there is more than one.

What does bonne fete mean in English?

"bonne fête" a French-Canadian saying that means happy birthday. The direct translation is "good partying" bonne is the feminized version of good and fête is the c

What does fait de compli mean?

This phrase means something that has been done and cannot bechanged. It can also mean something that has already happened oraccomplished.

What is fete de trois?

you probably mean La Fête des Rois - the Feast of the Kings - January 6, Epiphany or Twelfth Night, the commemoration of the visit of the Wise men (not 3, not Kings) in Mat

When is fete des fleurs celebrated?

The French festival fete des fleurs or "flowering of the vines" isone of Frances largest festivals. In 2015 it will be held April16-22.