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Freedom to gather with each other is part of the first amendment to the U.S Bill of of Rights
Like a school gathering all the kids gather somewhere to see a program like a storytelling show.

It is easy to see why governments might wish to deny people the right to associate with others. People have a hard time expressing their dissatisfaction with the way things are being done by the government when they are alone--being in a group enables them to feel that they are not alone in their disagreement, and enables them to do something about it. In the electronic age, a certain amount of "assembly" takes place in cyberspace, which is one reason why governments like to control the use of the internet.
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What is the freedom of assembly?

Freedom of assembly is one the First Amendment rights, guaranteeing all American citizens the right to peaceably assemble, even if the views that group holds is "unpopular". H

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  As an American Citizen you have the right to gather with friends and express that you disagree with the government. To protest what government officials are doing withou

Why does freedom of assembly include freedom of association?

It is not merely the right to assembly, but that, coupled with the right to petition, that grant the right to association. The right to associate, to meet together and advocat

What does freedom of assembly mean in Bill of Rights?

this would mean the freedom to create groups, gangs or a party as long as it is following the law of that state and the country. To assemble means to gather in groups. The Bil
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Why is freedom of assembly important?

Freedom of assembly is important because it gives us the right to  gather and discuss or protest if need be. If freedom of assembly  weren't legal, we could not have parades