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Habitat destruction is the process in which physical changes in one area cause the habitats existing in that area to be removed and replaced with other habitat-types. In this process, plants and animals which previously used the site are displaced or destroyed, reducing biodiversity.
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What is habitat destruction?

Habitat destruction occurs when the area in which an animal livesis being destroyed or encroached upon. It sometimes leads to theextinction of a species.

How does habitat destruction happen?

Deforestation is the major cause, but cataclysmic events such as tornadoes and tsunamis can wreck habitat also.

What causes habitat destruction?

Habitat destruction is a main cause of animals become endangered or  extinct. What causes it is humans clearing the land for industry  and natural disasters such as floods a

How does habitat destruction affect biodiversity?

Many organisms can live in an environment. The number and variety is biodiversity. It affects because habitat destruction takes habitats away from its inhabitant therefore

Habitat destruction is a drawback of?

Habitat destruction caused by humans includes conversion of land to agriculture, urban sprawl, infrastructure development, and other anthropogenic changes to the characteristi

Are numbats' habitat in destruction?

Absolutely. Numbats can only be found in eucalyptus bushland of southwest Western Australia. This bushland also needs a certain amount of grassy understorey. They prefer habit
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How does tourism cause habitat destruction?

Because, with construction workers constantly building things it causes shortages in the forests and plantlife. And it destroys homes to MANY animals that live there. HOPE TH