What does Heisman on dat hoe mean?

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Basically, to do a "Heisman on dat hoe" is to push some unattractive or undesirable women, in the case of a hoe, away from you; this term comes from the Heisman football trophy, which displays a football player in an athletic stance extending one arm out with and open hand. So as "dem heizman boiz" say "breath stank, no bank" do the heisman on dat hoe, they are literally pushing her away because she smells and is broke. I suggest finding an image of the Heisman trophy; the thought of this song while looking at it is pretty funny.
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OMG!! it means... crank up tha song cuz its off da hook!. OMG!! it means... crank up tha song cuz its off da hook!

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it means "ohhh give it to me teddy GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!"then girls\boys cumm and they get pleasure *leaves to hump teddy*

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cum on her back and let the sheet stick and when she wakes up in the morning she has a cape and that's what supaman dat ho means

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does pa'hoe mean. What are pa hoe hoe pa hoe hoe toe's? ... It could be because the word Hoe is derived from Anglo Saxon meaning high position, which is what Plymouth Ho

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Figuratively it means the same as "Take that!" or "How do you likethem apples!" But literally and suggestively it is innuendo forperforming oral sex.
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