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I have been unable to find the word "hueda" in any Spanish dictionary, and I tried several online and one offline. Are you sure you spelled it correctly?  The only thing I could find on it is that it is a Spanish last name, which apparently has no English translation. Many names in one language do not have a translation into another language.
You mean "huera" not hueda. In spanish an r next to a letter sounds like a ''d"! The word huera means in some latin American countries "white girl"
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What does and mean in spanish?

"y" (before words that begin with consonant or vowel, if the vowel is not "i"). For instance: El Emperador y los guardias urdían un plan. "e" (before words that begin with

What does are mean in Spanish?

"Estar" or "Ser." It depends on how it's used in a sentence. Estar is used for things that change such as location and mood. Ser is for permanent things such as personality an

What does no mean in Spanish?

"No" in Spanish is No in English. but in Spanish, no is a double negative, for example: No, I don't speak Spanish. would be: No, no se habla espanol. in other words in Spanis

What does A mean in Spanish?

The letter "a" is used to mean "at" or "to." It can combine with "el" (the, masculine) as the word "al" (at the, to the). Example: Vienen a la iglesia. - They come to th

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Nosotros is the Spanish word that means "we". When using it in a sentence u must also include the verb or ser which means to be in Spanish. So for example if u have the sent

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"Has" is the second person present singular (informal) form of the verb "haber", which is the "helper" verb meaning "to have". ¿Has bebido la leche? Have you drunk the milk?

What is What do you mean in Spanish?

It would depend upon who was addressed, and whether it is more than one person. The singular and plural formal you as compared to the singular and plural familiar would be:

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This is really very difficult to answer, because "get" is used in so many different contexts. "to obtain" might be "conseguir" or "obtener". "recieve" might be "recibir". Ther

What does ''i'' mean in Spanish?

"I" is just the letter of the alphabet. "Y" by itself means "and". They sound the same in Spanish, an "ee" sound. "Y" is called "y griega", or "the greek I". "I" is sometimes