What does hydrodynamic mean?

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hydrodynamic s is how quilkiy a object can travel in a fluid. example: a person swimming in water
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What is a hydrodynamic coupling?

A hydrodynamic coupling is used on a tractor to convert the powerof the engine for other purposes. It allows you to operateequipment such as a post hole digger, hay baler, or

What is the equation for hydrodynamic drag force?

The equation for hydrodynamic drag force: drag force equals tofluid density times square speed of object times cross sectionalarea times drag coefficient and divided by two. T

What is the difference between hydrodynamic and hydrostatic?

Hydrodynamics means the branch of science that deals with the dynamics of fluids, especially incompressible fluids, in motion or the dynamics of fluids in motion. Hydrosta
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What are the uses of Hydrodynamics?

To assess the influence of the applied forces and accelarations from liquids, in tanks of vessels/ships for example, on the encompassing structures. At the same time, and with