What does industrial development mean?

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Industrial development refers to the developing of one specific trade, or industry. For example, one specific industry that is in a branch by itself is the textile industry.
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How do industrial development disturb the atmosphere?

Industry uses fuel that it burns to heat water, to then create steam and turn turbines for electricity. Burning this fuel releases harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and s

Where did the German car industry develop and why?

The car industry itself, originated in Germany with Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler in the 1880's with the invention of the first Mercedes Benz. The firm Benz & Cie was founded

What is the industry that develops tiny machines?

A nanometer is a unit of measurement equivalent to one billionth ofa meter. To easily comprehend that, imagine an item that is 80,000times smaller than the width of the human

How did the food service industry develop?

the demand for more food increased and this prompted more universities to ask for the services of other companies to occupy and operate some of their food and units... food se
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Why sylhet is not developed in industrial sector?

because in there is lacking of entrepreneur. but in there is more cash money . but it lazy in bank. the people of sylhet are not ready to take risk at this time. They fill squ