What does industrial development mean?

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Industrial development refers to the developing of one specific trade, or industry. For example, one specific industry that is in a branch by itself is the textile industry.
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What is development and changes in industries?

The development and changes in industries all depend on what kind of industry it is. For example the technology industry is devolping quite significantly as technology is becoming a utility everyone is starting to use on a daily basis.

How do industrial development disturb the atmosphere?

Industry uses fuel that it burns to heat water, to then create steam and turn turbines for electricity. Burning this fuel releases harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and sulphur into the atmosphere. a good example is coal, when burning coal, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide and other crap is r (MORE)

Development of industry in Pakistan?

During the 1960s and 1970s, light industry expanded rapidly-especially textiles, sugar refining, fertilizers, and othermanufactures derived from local raw materials. Large governmentinvestments in the 1970s established the country's firstlarge-scale ship-building and steel milling operations; thepro (MORE)

What does industrial mean?

Answer . Industrial means technology in big companies.. Answer . Industrial means technology in big companies.

What is the meaning of industry?

"industry " means the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications" (This is out of the dictionary)

What do you mean by industry?

When someone mentions industry, they usually mean a collection orenterprises where the policies of production are made. It is anorganization or group of people who are engaged in commercialenterprise. Industry also means the process and action of makinggoods for commercial use.

Where did the German car industry develop and why?

The car industry itself, originated in Germany with Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler in the 1880's with the invention of the first Mercedes Benz. The firm Benz & Cie was founded in October of 1883 in a German town named Mannheim, shortly after that DMG (Daimler- Motoren-Gesellschaft) was formed (Novem (MORE)

What is the industry that develops tiny machines?

A nanometer is a unit of measurement equivalent to one billionth ofa meter. To easily comprehend that, imagine an item that is 80,000times smaller than the width of the human hair, that's how small ananometer is. It is from this unit of measure that the industrycreating very tiny machines got its na (MORE)

How has the travel and tourism industry developed?

The travel and tourism industry has developed significantly allover the world. Technology has been introduced in the sector toprovide convenience like Internet reservations and ticketing amongother things.

What does industrialized mean?

Industrialized can be defined as an economy that is based on manufacturing as opposed to an agricultural economy based on farmlands & farm products. The leading economic countries are industialized.

How does industry help in the development of a country?

industry makes things that can be used within the country and sold to other countries for goods that are not locally or locally economically available. if a country does not have an industry then it will not generate the interest necessary to take advantage of the advances made in other countries wh (MORE)

What is industrial development in general?

Basically Industrial development means developing industries i.e. improving there mechanism, introducing machines to increase there efficiency. This can also refer to Introducing new industries. Please if there are some mistakes in the answer Forgive me. Thank you.

What is the development of the cattle industry?

The development of the cattle industry is when new breeds are imported into a country, ranchers and farmers expand their herds, and new breeds are created. More people demand beef and dairy products close to home, and these ranchers, farmers, dairy farmers (as well as the feedlot/finishers and meat (MORE)

How did the Flemish develop an international industry?

by the 1300 the most important trading partner of Flanders was England, Flemish traders set up shop in the dockyards of London. They relied on the English shepherds to supply them with wool to be made into cloth. The finished cloth was then shipped back to England. In this way, the Flemish developed (MORE)

Advantages and disadvantages of industrial development?

One of the advantages of industrialization is that it has made itpossible for people to do things easily with help of things likemachines and roads. A disadvantage of industrial development isthat it has caused a lot of harm to nature as toxic wastes spillover to water bodies and natural habitats.

How can you discuss the development of industrial sociology?

To discuss the development of industrial sociology, you shouldstart at the beginning and go through the development of it. Youshould include different theories and the highlights of thedevelopment of industrial sociology, as well as how it is usedtoday.

Is industrialization a positive development?

Industrialization is the concept of using technology to better humanity as a whole more efficiently. What we have seen and have known, is the devastating aftermath of the human ability of evil. Corporations is the physical manifestation of this. So yes, industrialization in itself like any other (MORE)

How does geography influence industrial development?

Industries look for plentiful water, stable infrastructure,population to support labor needs, and transportation diversity.The geography of an area is one of the first things an developmentteam will look at when choosing a site.

What was the development of the food service industry?

DEVELOPMENT OF FOOD SERVICE INDUSTRY. The first thing we have to know is to learn how industry came about. This will help you understand the industry better and will aid you in protecting the future of the food service industry.. Early history of hospitality industry which dated from ancient Greec (MORE)

What are the factors in the development of the food industry?

the competition around is very important because that effects the price and that effects on how much customers you get also you need to be based in a good area like around schools so when people are going to and from the school they will go to the shop and buy something in emergency. hope this helpe (MORE)

How did the food service industry develop?

the demand for more food increased and this prompted more universities to ask for the services of other companies to occupy and operate some of their food and units... food services in schools are now successfully functioning and have become an integral part of the school program

What are the Development on fuel for the transport industry?

Some developments in the field of fuel for the transport industryinclude bio-diesel fuels that are partly man-made and not organicin nature. Cleaner burning fuels are being developed all the time.Many new trucks in the transport industry also have theintroduction of DEF that burns along with diesel (MORE)

How did the women's apparel industry develop?

From the 1920s onwards, the women's apparel industry developed along the lines of small, privately-owned, single-product firms. By the late 1950s, things began to change as larger, publicly-held, multi-product firms started.

What is the meaning of Industrialized?

Industrialized is the past tense of industrialization. It meanssomething that has been advanced or made easy by the use ofmachines. For example many factories are industrialized.

By what stages did the elevator industry develop?

the Otis-dominated elevator industry kept pace with developments of its own, introducing the hydraulic elevator in 1878, the electric elevator in 1889, and the gearless traction electric elevator in 1903.

What industry is Dubai seeking to develop?

They are making the move from oil money to tourism money. They are trying to create an even more extravagant Las Vegas on the other side of the world. They do have the advantage of being near water though, so there's that as an attraction

Why sylhet is not developed in industrial sector?

because in there is lacking of entrepreneur. but in there is more cash money . but it lazy in bank. the people of sylhet are not ready to take risk at this time. They fill squired to deposit money in bank.

What are recent developments in telecommunication industry?

The most talked about and recent development is the deployment of 4G LTE. WiMAX and LTE were once thought to become competitive technologies for wireless spectrum broadband. WiMax networks are now converting to LTE for encrypted broadband Internet access. This is big considering more and more mobile (MORE)

Development of food service industry?

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How can a food industry can be developed?

a food can b developed by improving quality..... By the research.... They can divide the customer in the segment according to need or other specific information nd knowledge....!

How has the fertilizer industry developed?

fertilizer how became more advance the have been able to grow plant much faster , and increase the sizes of plants. a fertilizer is a plant grow with specific chemicals that promote plant grow , over the years more stable chemicals have been added to increase the growth strength....

What is the role of banking in industrial development?

Banking plays various roles pending the size of the bank and the nature of the investment. Also, if local municipal level, foreign and or global interests/government interests are involved with industrial development. At a municipal level a zoning of area for industrial business must be enacted. Usu (MORE)

How did the cattle industry develop in Texas?

One cow at a time. Don't take much to look this up. it is supply and demand. Texas had many cows roaming and therefore could supply the demand on the east side of the Mississippi.

Industrial development zone?

This is set out in government's Economic Programme of Action, whereIndustrial Development Zones (IDZs) are created in order toencourage increased levels.

Does industrialization mean?

process in which a society or country (or world) transforms itselffrom a primarily agricultural society into one based on themanufacturing of goods and services